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for Mystery in the Music

5/9 c6 Anneeeeeeeeeee
Ohhhh,l'm so HAPPY()
5/7 c6 22SloaneDestler
So happy to see an update on this story! I'm glad her audition went well - but who was watching her at the end? :)
5/6 c1 Phantomgirl24
Great idea for a story. Cant wait for more!
4/11 c5 Anneeeeeeeeeee
It’s almost May! Please don’t abandon this fic!
4/11 c5 Anneeeeeeeeeee
This is great ! I really like the idea to tell the story in this way !Looking forward to the next chapter!
1/30 c5 SloaneDestler
I'm glad to hear that you're still planning to work on this fic, because it's an interesting story, and very well-written. Looking forward to reading more, when the time is right for you to update :3
1/3 c4 SloaneDestler
"This is my frequent anxiety. The fear of being a fool in front of others, of not knowing. I despise the feeling of ignorance." Ah, this is such a mood.

This story is a very intriguing. Was the violin player who I think it was? And the Manhattan Opera House being built as a tribute to the owner's wife... looking forward to learning more!
1/2 c3 SloaneDestler
This is an interesting way to tell this story, using Christine’s daughter's point of view. I'm very intrigued to learn more and see where this goes!
12/22/2020 c3 sickyoungchick
I enjoyed this chapter too! Keep it up! :D
12/18/2020 c2 sickyoungchick
Very intrigued to see where this is going!
12/7/2020 c1 8Filhound
This is very well written. Keep up the good work.

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