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for War of Cinders

11/17 c9 Guest
you call to jelly tarts
11/12 c10 1Amit Barabi
Great ending.
11/12 c9 Amit Barabi
Couldn't Calkum cast a wind shield to protect himself and Rayla from Arabus?
Also, kill Claudia before she could use her charm magic?
11/11 c6 Amit Barabi
While I do get your point about fanfictions losing their popularity once they don't match the canon continuity, I prefer your version (minus slut Areli and rapist Claudia) over season 4 so far.
Also, I work on rewriting the MCU and the TASM movies exactly because I want to make something better years after they came out.
My point is that you should not hold back on your vision just because canon went differently.
11/11 c2 Amit Barabi
I hope there is a spell that can kill one dark bitch to remove the corruption from a raped dark mage. Callum did not deserve any of the shit he experienced in your last story, and I hope Claudia will be killed in the most painful and slowest way possible. Kill the bitch!
11/7 c9 5johnnylee619
Well done with Ezra’s offering the jelly tart to Rex as a gift. Totally right on the prediction for season 4.
7/6/2021 c10 Fast Fast Fast
Can’t wait for the next Story.
And congratulations on the Wedding.
6/30/2021 c10 Readallday1243
Oh my god so I just found this book and I love all three books. Congrats on Getting married! And I can’t wait for the fourth book.
I do have some questions, Will we see them aged up? Will Callum get taller or will they both grow up? Ibis is dead right?
6/16/2021 c10 11Rainbowhawk1993
Oh I really appreciate it.

1. I will admit, I was like Ezran. I was expecting a tense Viper Vs the Mountain fight where it could go either way. But that one hit K.O. via Jason Bourne was a very pleasant surprise. Though I’m hoping Umbra will return for the final chapter. He has so much more potential left.
2. Sad to see Zeron gone already. Was expecting him to stick around to see him face a dilemma of staying to help/sacrifice himself for Xadia or go home.
3. A fitting end for Viren and Katolis to jumpstart the war against Aaravos (I think a fun little thing to do near the end of the final story is to have Rayla do Aria’s Night King shank, but it doesn’t work on Aaravos).
4. A small critique I have is that maybe the coin ritual could have been performed before the festival and the freed captives would be weak from malnutrition and need a few days to recover. That way the scene would be given a lot more time to allow for more emotional weight.

All in all, this was a fantastic 6th chapter. Really anticipating the final chapter.
6/13/2021 c10 Indo
Just Wow
It is the perfect ending and also with a really interesting cliffhanger
Really well done and i'm looking forward to seeing your version of the seventh season.
6/13/2021 c10 Indoraptoranimagus
Just Wow *-*
It is a perfect ending and also with an interesting cliffhanger.
I'm so glad I found you and your stories
and now I'm really looking forward to your version of the next season.
Thanks for everything so far :D
6/11/2021 c10 15Oragonking
Man! I really can't wait for season 4 to come out. The pandemic is slowly getting under control, right?
6/11/2021 c10 3mdauben
Wow! That was a heck of a chapter! It was exciting seeing Callum being purfied by the sun forge and back to normal again. Then the dragon fight was surprising but funny. Rayla's idea for their engagement party was cure and fun too. In the end, I actually felt sorry for Viren although I can't help but thing Claudia deserved what happened to her. Now Aaravos is free, though, which can't be good. I'll be looking forward to reading the last part of this series, whenever you are ready to start posting.
5/18/2021 c9 11Rainbowhawk1993
I... don’t know what to say about my dialogue actually making it into this story. Well, I can definitely say this:

That was perhaps the most satisfying break-up of all time.

Also, I guess Jelly Tarts can create world peace after all.
5/17/2021 c9 Gustrubio
XD the power of jelly tarts, one tart to wake the king, one tart to topple the old king, and one tart to rule then all...and than an infinite supply so he continues to be king and don’t go back to sleep XD XD.

Zeron come oooooooon, don’t do this to us man, we need that gem, we can let you borrow it later, but right now we really really need it.
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