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3/7/2021 c7 4scooter2
So they really did get to a three-sided war, just not the kind I was thinking of. Kind of sad. I had hoped for conjoined human-elf forces showing the prejudices ones what's right. Instead, it's just the noble human kingdoms and all of Xadia are pitted against each other, with Neolandia fighting as well.
2/27/2021 c7 Travian ross
I get so excited when I see a new chapter. Rayllum ship is building back up nice to see nyx again. So the only question I have is when will rayla ask callum about the trapped elves in the coins?
2/26/2021 c7 11Rainbowhawk1993
1. Nice to see Nyx back.
2. I think a better way for the Cultists to learn of Rayllum’s destination would be for them to overhear them before attacking instead of Callum blurting out their destination. He should have known better after Zeron’s lessons.
3. I’m REALLY REALLY REALLY hyped for Rayllum Vs Claudia.

Callum: You lied to me! You used me! You made me kill my friends!
Claudia: They aren’t your friends! They’re elves. They’re going to destroy us!
Callum: They’re going to destroy us because you attacked them! We had peace. But you ruined it! It’s all your fault!
2/26/2021 c7 Gustrubio
Yeah let’s tell the bad guys were we are going, surely won’t come to bite us in the rear...horny teenagers XD, all the blood goes to the wrong places.
2/26/2021 c7 3mdauben
So, Callum is being followed and now Claudia knows he's coming. I look forward to seeing what happens next!
2/8/2021 c6 11Rainbowhawk1993
1. Nice to see our heroes on their new respective adventures.
2. I'm sure Callum will succeed in purging the Sun Forge and himself. Though I'm not so sure Rex Ignious will go as planned. I have a feeling Umbra will play a role in season 7 and undergo a character ark of his own.
3. Seems House Baratheon (or Ziard) is now throwing their hat into the ring in the new War of Five Kingdoms (plus Xadia).
4. Kind of disappointed you deflated the mystery of if Zeron would turn on everyone when he didn't get what he wanted. Still, should be interesting to see what he's going to do to keep things from escalating.
2/2/2021 c6 3mdauben
Its good to see Callum and Rayla together again, even if it was not the reunion he was hoping for. It seems Callum and Ezran are off on different missions now. That last scene with Zeron has me worried, though. Just what is the Startouch elf's goal, stopping Aaravos or freeing him?
2/2/2021 c6 13Oragonking
So Zeron is not a bad guy after all. In fact, after now figuring him out, he's just like Callum. If Callun would be away from his loved one for a very, very long time, he would have done the same thing as Zeron did. I hope Callum learns about this, then he and Zeron will become friends for real. By the way, are you going to create abominations made from Dark Magic? Because in the future tabletop game "Tales of Xadia, Callum and friends have to face these when they try to restore the Sun Forge.
1/20/2021 c5 Travian ross
You made sure to keep the suspense by not giving away the star elf gender. I'm guessing that it may be a she and is an old friend of the dragon queen. Will callum be purge of the dark corruption?
1/13/2021 c5 Guest
Hi Ocaj, AWESOME chapter this weekend. Surprised of the turn of events till here and those ocean Elves. Luckily the youngest royalty one saved them and prevented the Ocean Elves from killing them because they are strangers. For theories I feel like its, that this season 6 is about Callum return, redemption, darkness, new allies, and something hidden in dark magic. Probably the last one, might be the last stand between Good and Evil. Callum fighting an unknown for, but maybe recognizable. Hard to say, but feels like it. Love the story so far dude. Keep on doing an excellent job of the chapters so far dude.l

It's very nice for Rayla and Callum to have a moments for themselves, only in the dream though XD

P.s. How you been since Christmas? I think my last review got glitch I checked it and it accidently aimed at chapter 3 instead. But at least send this one for 5. For me and my family, we had fun in Las Vegas for New Years, Christmas, and my sister's 21st birthday.

NightOwlHope Signing Off!
1/11/2021 c5 11Rainbowhawk1993
1. Nice to see we have new Xadia allies with the tidebounds.
2. At this point, you’re gushing with Zeron’s dimension jumping (Not a bad thing, but it’s still gushing). But it does give the theorists a lot to chew on for the Desena Connected Universe (DCU).
3. Are the Startouch Elves now the Xadia equivalent of the White Lotus?
1/10/2021 c5 Gustrubio
"I want to go home" Well excuse us Zeron, we only know two continents, pentarchy and Xadia, if you live so far away mind giving us a hint? No one goes that way and would be pretty cool to know what's there.

“Rayla? Do you think Delphine was pretty?” ...-_- this brothers have a type XD.

Hello mystical star touched elf that i never seem in my life, can you please tell all those other elves with pointy weapons to lower their arms, since you know, kind of the chosen one here!
1/10/2021 c5 13Oragonking
Nice making a character called Delphine, as well as it is for Ezran. I bet she's two years older than him though. I hope we get to see interactions between them alone, if we see her again.
And now I am even more curious about Callum's destiny, as well as Zeron's origin.
1/10/2021 c5 3mdauben
Great to see a new update today! It's wonderful to see Callum and Rayla reconnecting, even if it is only in dreams so far. Now that he's reached the Storm Spire will he be able to convince the dragon queen to help, though? It seems Zubeia a d the dragon guard are not ready to forgive him yet, but Zym and the Startouch elf are more welcoming. I can't wait to find out what happens next.
1/1/2021 c4 4scooter2
I see they are at war right. Can you remind me what the sides are who's on them? Also, please tell me if it's 2 or 3-sided.
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