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12/21/2020 c4 11Rainbowhawk1993
Didn’t lift a finger to stop Aaravos at the Dragonmoot, sat on his tail while Claudia attacked the Storm Spire, now he’s convinced both Umbra and Aanya to stop their attacks...

What are you up to you shady serpent?
12/15/2020 c3 4scooter2
Hey writer, thank you for responding.

I just wanted to say you are correct. Team Zym wants to avoid war. However, if I were them, I'd be willing to fight if there was no choice. That's why I was hoping all the unpeaceful nations/armies would be the ones starting the war. Team Zym will just fight back because it's right.
12/9/2020 c3 NightOwlHope
Hi Ocaj, AWESOME chapter and hopefully there's hope of Callum/Rayla relationship could return by steps. Hopefully their relationship will get stronger than before. Something tells me, it might take time for Rayla to process everything and hopefully she'll get back together with Callum. Sometimes it's not easy to believe in the person, but when you start seeing the situation a little more there's a slight chance things can return to good. Depends though mostly. Keep on doing a great job dude!

Very cool Rayla and Callum are hanging out again, but there is a permanent damage somewhere in between or one of them.

Hmm, so how you and your wife been lately since the seasons are starting? That means EVERYBODY'S favorite activity, SHOPPING FOR YOUR LOVE ONES! Surprised a little this chapter has a very good chance the main characters relationship could return but its not going to be easy? Hmm from your opinion, do you think there relationship could return slowly even though it's a little awkward of their situation? Also, thank you for the Birthday thing, LOL was a Blast! During that week my mother had a birthday too, so it was double the AWESOME!

NightOwlHope Signing Off!
12/8/2020 c3 PENDragonking
This chapter was released on my birthday. :)
12/7/2020 c3 Brenne
Brenne thought of pushing people off castle if chapter not show up! Now Brenne very happy! LOL!

I'm glad Rayla and Callum were able to talk, and get things sorted out.
It's cowardly and horrible that Claudia has pretty much pushed all the blame onto Callum for starting the war. So if she gets caught, she'll just point her finger at Callum and say that it was all his fault.
I hope Ezran's plan works, hopefully Zym could help him convince Zubeia.
I wonder what happens next! Looking forward to more! XD
12/6/2020 c3 3mdauben
It was hopeful to see Callum and Rayla actually talk in the dream this time. The talk of using the Sunfirge to cleans Callum of dark magic sounds hopeful too. Now I'm really looking forward to finding out what happens next.
12/6/2020 c3 11Rainbowhawk1993
1. Aaravos Little Finger
Zeron Varys
2. Seems Umbra’s hastiness has cost him once again now that he’s provided his opponent with another ally.
3. Nice to see Rayllum making its slow recovery.
12/6/2020 c3 Gustrubio
Kkkkkkkkkk (I can’t breathe) I love Zeron so much, that first spell got me completely out of guard XD.

O-O huuuummm grant me a favor that I don’t know of yet? Ominous, but it is our favorite dragon asking and the guy did a lot for us already, so I still believe Zeron will make a good twist out of it.
12/2/2020 c2 NightOwlHope
Hi Ocaj, Love the chapter and oh boy Rayla. She believes humans are still not worth saving lives. I had a feeling this season is going to be a little darker than the last. Hopefully things will turn good soon. Keep on doing a great job of this story my friend! Kept reading every chapter.

P.s. How was Thanksgiving day, Halloween, and until the upcoming days this month? Having future plans for the Lovers? Found out Friday is actually my 22nd Birthday, AWESOME a new chapter and my birthday in the same day.

NightOwlHope Signing Off!
11/28/2020 c2 TRVN
I'm so excited to see what happens next! Will this be your final book/season or will you keep or going. Either way stay safe and stay awesome.
11/28/2020 c2 Brenne
Oh no! Why wouldn't Rayla just listen to Callum? He was pretty much forced to use dark magic against his will! Will Callum try to contact Rayla again? I just hate the thought that everyone will think that Callum willingly attacked the Storm Spire and used dark magic. What is Ezran's plan to overthrow the dragonking? I gotta see what happens next! Looking forward to more! XD
11/27/2020 c2 Gustrubio
“There is no way to remove it, you will look like that for the rest of your life” uhummmmmmmmm Viren? Aren’t we forgetting something? A place with a lot of sun whit a giant primal that can PURIFY AND REMOVE DARK MAGIC!? Gee even when trying to help you are still a liar, shame on you! (Or Lux Áurea is still in ruins and corrupted? I don’t remember it’s been a while.)

Raylaaaaaaa why must you be so frustrating whhhhhy. Yes it is her character it makes same but dam it I’m pulling my hair here.

Bless Soren for being the only light in all this. Rip Old Sol, good by, sayonara, astaluego e até nunca, já vai tarde.
11/27/2020 c2 Rainbowhawk1993
Things may look dark, but there are Embers of hope in this War of Cinders. I will now give you a song to help you get through this troubling time: /dL5w2Fv87pA

In all seriousness, this is a banger start to act 3. Here’s my takes:
1. I’m seeing a parallel with Umbra’s Hasty attack and Kasef’s hasty retaliation for Viren’s trick to start the first war. Whether it means Umbra will fall in battle like Kasef or persist until he falls unexpectedly like Joffrey remains to be seen.
2. I absolutely love heroes having backdoors/ace-up-the-sleeves in stories. The good Dramatic irony. Since Ezran has Zym, he now knows that there’s an alternative method to remove Umbra without bloodshed on either side. Ember of hope #1.
3. I’m kind of puzzled that Callum didn’t blurt “Because Rayla Controlled me!” When Rayla pressed him. Though I imagine since both of our love birds are traumatized, they can’t think clearly. Still... Callum connected to the Star Arcanum: Ember #2
4. Viren is certainly going to have bonding moments with Callum since he’s disillusioned with Aaravos. I’m expecting him to confess his assassination of the leaders to Callum at some point and both of them work together to end the war on their side. Ember #3
5. I expect Rayla to come face to face with Ezran being in the same position she was when she first came to Kotolis. But Ezran will tell Rayla of the plan to replace the Dragon King and she will choose to falsify some information to the Dragon King to buy time for Ezran’s plan to work.
11/27/2020 c2 13Oragonking
Wow, that's intense. Though I was dissapointed that it was Claudia who brought him back to life. But it's awesome that he knows the Star Arcanum. I hope that it may not only help him escape but also heal him back to normality. And I hope that Ignious Rex will help, he's their only hope to break the curse of hatred that possesed Xadia.
11/27/2020 c2 4scooter2
This is interesting. Hey writer, I don't know if you already considered this, but here's a suggestion. If Team Zym is feeling stuck in the middle, I think they should be in the middle. Something I was hoping the actual show would have is a 3-sided war. One side is the prejudiced Xadians who occupy Eastern Xadia, another is the prejudiced humans from Zeolandia, Del Bar, and Evernere, the western Pentarchy, lastly is the joint human and Xadian forces in the center of the continent, occupying Katolis, Duren, and Western Xadia. Now Team Zym wouldn't need to choose a side. This is just an idea I'm letting you try. You decide if you like it.
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