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for Demon Prince in the world of Devils

2/24 c1 Dasgun
1/7 c4 TehStorm
Nice chapter but please tone down a little on the dramatics, "a fire hotter then anything on the solar system", that way too much dramatics.
1/5 c5 1OmniHein
Hi guys its me guys I posted pics of the genderbend and changed version of the girls on my discord server join and check
1/3 c4 I. P. Frealy
Please add venelana to the harem, would love to her naruto venelana lemon
12/27/2020 c5 Borello
the story sound really interesting.
12/16/2020 c7 emoryjmorrill
Love it
12/14/2020 c7 Borello
damn technology. i hope you release more chapters soon.
12/13/2020 c7 Habu2010
It’s alright we understand. To bad y’all have a Starbucks or McDonald’s u can used there WiFi. I wish u and your family Happy Holidays.
12/9/2020 c6 Borello
great. i can't wait for the next chapter.
12/7/2020 c1 wolfydragon104
12/3/2020 c5 Covidado
Curtir a história sério problema com loiras bem eu não vou reclama e sua escolha e vc tem seus motivos uma pena que aí não tem ravel no harem

Bota Rukia Kuchiki no Harem do Naruto

Nobreza Isabel
Rainha fem Ulquiorra , Torre Boa Hancock , torre Caulifa DBS Bispo Kurumi Tokisaki ( Date a live ) Bispo Merlin (Nanatsu no taizai Cavaleiro Esdeath ( Akame ga kill Cavaleiro Rukia Kuchiki Peão Mio Naruse Peão Tatsumaki ( One punch ) Peão Rin Tohsaka Peão Hanabi Hyuuga ( Versão Boruto ) Peão Akame
( Akame Tá kill ) Peão Mei Terume Peão Raynare ( DxD )
12/5/2020 c5 Rustonav
It is quite nice story i like the plot i hope the New Phone comes soon
12/5/2020 c5 Bigxjim
Take all the time you need I’m really enjoying this story and am looking forward to where it is going. I can’t wait to see all the badass fights and mischief that Naruto gets into especially the perverted kind. Watch for spelling mistakes you have a few here and there but luckily it does not throw the story off or make me question what it is your trying to say. Also as one of my favorite characters likes to say don’t be afraid to go underneath the underneath and delve into things like, why is Isabel so devoted to Naruto is there more behind her feelings or is it simply a platonic master servant relationship? As well as you at least have to go into some detail as to why his harem members will be throwing themselves at him people get upset when characters join a harem and they immediately get down and dirty. I mean obviously if they are joining his peerage/ harem they will have some kind of feelings for him but why do they have those feeling what interactions have they had to lead to this feelings in his harem members. I hope I’m repeating stuff that you already know and if that’s the case then ignore it I like the story and I’m excited for where it’s going and I can’t wait to see it updated in the future hope this helps!
12/5/2020 c5 Gibson1014
All good Hein! We’ve all troubles in the past so get your stuff fixed and we will be here when you get back!
12/5/2020 c3 Gibson1014
Don’t care about the hair color myself. Won’t effect how you will portray her anyways.
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