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for My Best Friend's Wedding

7/28 c7 vflsarah
late but finally i got around to read this story and it was totally worth the wait.
I loved it from the way chapter one literally had me trow my hands up over my head in frustration to the moment the epilogue ended. Just these two idiots own my heart in so many ways, especially with all the drama and having the other characters around. Mike and Rachel, if course, but also Stephen being the perfect douchebag, and Stu and Tanner were a nice surprise, too. Louis, short appearance but SO on point, that man is a brand :D i especially loved the idea with Donna calling him while shaving in chapter one, having his emotional pain physically represented.
and of course, having some quotes from the show in a different context, is always something that i lime to see. Especially Harvey's proposal, nie in Donna's mind stuck with me. Loved that!
Really great story, awesome writing. As always, i enjoyed this story so much!
7/7 c7 GeorgieSpencer
Thank you for writing such an amazing story. LOVED it!
7/4 c7 23HarveyxDonna
Omg just finished this all in one day THIS WAS SO BEAUTIFUL LOVED IT SO MUCH OMG
7/1 c7 Guest
A perfect end! Thank you so much
7/1 c7 Guest
This was absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for such a wonderful story!
7/2 c7 Blabuni
I enjoyed this so mucz. Thx a lot
7/1 c7 LadyDarvey
I have been loving this story and am so happy you finished it! Thanks for the happy ending and I hope to read more from you in the future! These two got their happy ending for sure!
7/1 c7 Skyla71
Aaaaaah! What a rollercoaster! I'm so elated they found their way to each other. You offered them a beautiful begining of the rest of their life. This is one of the stories you never want to end. A kid already? Dang, they didn't waste their time x)
Than you so much for creating this and sharing it with us!
Love love love!
7/1 c7 catskeye
Wonderful... thanks
7/1 c1 Rose4darvey
Loved this story so much and all your writing. Thanks for posting.
6/19 c6 Guest
OMG I love this story! One of my true favorites for sure! Praying youl'l grace us with an update soon!
6/13 c6 Guest
It's been a whole month! Please don't leave us hanging like this!
I'm so excited for the next chapter!
6/11 c1 Blabuni
Please update soon
6/8 c6 GeorgieSpencer
This was so so so so good. Loved it. On edge of seat for next unfolding chapter. Thank you for writing!
6/2 c6 Guest
please please please please please please update soon! I'm dying to read the next chapter!
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