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12/3 c16 DarkBan
'Familiar system'
Ok, i want him with a familiar, like Violet and Hedwig D:
11/30 c1 dononekey
this is one of my favorite gamer story I hope it continues.
10/23 c1 Rumonia
is this the "tell me you're a Male author writing a female character without telling me you're a male authorchallenge? well you won
10/23 c1 PinkPandaBear0
if you want a gamer fiction with lots of plat ninja gamer is a good one
10/20 c20 Guest
hope you haven’t been assasinated like all the other ffn writers that disappear halfway through their stories.
10/17 c20 Guest
Can we please see some actual fucking magic and interaction with the magical world? please?.

200 000 words in, that's 2 whole ass books worth of words, and they haven't even fucked yet, amongst other things.

The gamer system a demon? Weakened demon?. You gonna use this to give one of antagonists a bs power up aren't you...

Welp seeing how long this has taken to get here I doubt this will ever get anywhere anytime soonbefore it gets dropped or end abruptly.

Pity, your dialogue and character interaction, most of the time, are really well done.

Thanks for sharing and gl
10/14 c20 Jonathan
I agree with you Guest down here. The whole plot of the story is just echii with plot along side the authors own fetishes just like any other half of the stuff written here in this site , True most of the stuff are just narrated by the MC trying to justify his shit. But the negative reviewers forgot we literally have villain MCs doing most of the crap that are questionable and criminalic irl. Calling this fanfic "pedophilic" while we got other written Fiction that are also fucked up from this site and books that are sold on the bookstore , but why aren't we calling those out authors and readers them out as violent rapist? Future Serial killers? Or Felonies? Considering those have weird crap like this?.

Isn't that ironic for the some author reviewers here when they also have dabbled other weird tropes genocide , mind control , harem and so on. Safe to say you guys are also fucked up people?
10/14 c4 Guest
Damn most bloody "guest" reviewers are bunch of morons aren't they? Gets obsessed over this fictional "age gap" risky scenes but most likely don't care when Fictional characters get raped , murdered, tortured, genocide , or weird fetishes have been written in this site etc that are also crime in irl and accept them as just fiction only with other gamer or Harry Potter fanfics.

Do your self a favor guess reviewer don't be a schizo
10/9 c18 2kmate1222
Fascinating explanations of the Blood Protection and, especially, the System. I don't think I have ever read anything remotely similar about them either. Well done!
10/5 c20 Ricee
been half a year since the last chapter, wonder if he died.
10/5 c6 Ricee
phones didn't get screens capable of even watching porn until 2007
10/5 c1 1BangtanGirl007
I kept reading Nick Jonas
10/2 c20 shirousagi87
When canon will star? Have been specting shit hit the fan in the cup finals
9/25 c1 cameron1812
this is wildLoving it! Completely different and unique!
9/21 c8 shirousagi87
The bonk in the head had me laughin for a while XD
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