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for The Moon's Eclipse

5/23 c4 southerencuttie23
Love this Bella. Can't wait for her to meet Edward's family again.
5/18 c2 Loveforgreeneyes
The ladies are going to have the grandchildren names picked out by the end of the evening ! Great story.
4/24 c2 Guest
Please update soon! I love this story!
3/8 c4 mauldinanna
updating soon?
2/2 c4 Pynky
Miss Chlamydia Lol, I love this Bella! Shadow is definitely planning something!
2/2 c4 EdwardsGuardianAngel
Grrr! Ok I just have to whine and get it out of my system. Love the story. Great start and can't wait for update. Hope life eases up for you.
1/30 c4 Guest
Can't wait to see how the rest of the date goes, and what Shadow has planned.
1/29 c4 frostedglaze
I love Shadow! That bunny deserves its own story.
1/29 c4 sassy973
Loved it hope you update soon.
1/29 c4 sakari-x
I enjoyed the chapter! LOL on Alice and Shadow, sneaky bunny. Good luck on your tests (I hated high school with a burning passion, wouldn't do it again even knowing what I know now). Thanks for the update.
1/29 c4 traceybuie
I giggled at Alice and Jasper wrangling the bunny to the vet.
The start of Bella's and Edward's date seems promising. I love bad ass Bella.
Thanks for writing and sharing.
1/29 c4 allrain
take ur time thanks for sharing
1/29 c4 MiccaF
Great update! Good luck on your midterms!
1/28 c4 Pattsy1994
Go Bella.
1/28 c4 Jen1072
Great chapter good luck on your test my son was Class of 2020 so we know how you are feeling.
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