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for A Matter of Honor

4/19 c25 Fintonstack
I've read a few of your stories now man, and besides a few spelling errors here and there (we all do 'em) - this is fantastic. I loved the personal drama and it interweaved into something Romantically from early to mid, and then ended on an awesome note.

I'd love to see more if you get the time to create it. Please don't put down the pencil (or keyboard) cause you have a special talent for creating a great story (thicc plot waifu's excluded). Keep at it dude.
2/3 c25 LeozinPS
This was a good series. Also about Bremerton thing, i think she would be good to see, specially because see can question if the Commander his after her as a whole, or just her body. And maybe help him to get over some problem.
2/1 c25 joeyginise
What a beautiful ending, and I see you found a use for Little Illustrious, clever. Sort of makes sense really, with wisdom cube weirdness being involved and the fact that Mitch could be described as a male Wales this seems to work out.

Bravo good sir, bravo indeed. I look forward to your next adventure.

Sort of wish we got to see the wedding (both of them), but this is a good closer for this tale. Until next time then, good day and stay safe.
2/1 c24 joeyginise
Can't say I expected a double update today, especially one so late, but here we are. This was a good one. Plot lines are closed up neatly, and things are looking up for the girls. I imagine Warspite is very happy with her retirement, even if it is a century and a half overdue. She was named in spite of war after-all. Though I do wonder what will happen to Valiant, she isn't getting any younger either.
2/1 c25 Antonio Manco
Thank you, this was a great ride from beginning to end, I can't wait for the next
2/1 c25 3kingdomssage
Kinda sad the relation between Thunderer and Sovereign started off rocky, but it was to be expected.

On a brighter note I guess we got the "origin" story of Little Illustrious.

Wonder how littorio will handle that? I can imagine her demanding to be call aunty
2/1 c25 2SafetyDoggo
What a grand finale.
2/1 c25 shooped
I like how you made the king a hypocrite, “Shipgirls should be treated like humans but I’m going to decommission 2 battleships and effectively signing their death warrants” I mean why bother having the naval chain of command when the king can just pop up anywhere with his personal ship dominion. Claims thunderer was an expense hard to justify during peace times, builds another one. Convenient for the crown that parliament was heading for elections. It’s easy to blame Elizabeth but shouldn’t they look into the base commander as well, it’s like you forgot about them. All in all this just boils down to, qe class bad, new ships good.
2/1 c25 LoneRider-09
Meine Gott, this was an actual roller coaster of emotions, but it was a fun one for sure.
2/1 c25 454godamora
This was a sweet end to a story that had me angry in the first half.
1/26 c23 shooped
The crown doesn’t have much power as it used to, all the king can do is make a request. The monarchy has been reduced to mostly ceremonial duties, even the Royal prerogatives have been cut down. I doubt that the UK has gone back to being a full on monarchy.
1/26 c23 Guest
Sup, it's Ash here. We all know that Thunderer is going to get the Ara-
1/26 c23 joeyginise
So, did Wales plan to bait dominion fail, or did Mitch just never get a chance to enact it?

Anyway, the King is a cool dude. And that does make me wonder what authority and powers the IRL Queen has. My dad has said that she has the final say in declaring war and deploying nukes, but I don't know how true that is.
1/24 c22 3kingdomssage

I can't say that I like what QE did here, reassigning a patrol she was supposed to do herself. On the other hand it was more practical to hand it off to someone who could reasonably keep pace with Z23 and Helena.

But, I still think it was rather irresponsible of QE. This is a military service, not a luxury hotel
1/24 c22 17Some guy2283
So does this mean that Conqueror is the only one not in a relationship? (I don’t count sovereign as she's not formally introduced yet.)

I like to think that Thunderer has gotten somewhat used to how things have gone in regards to his life, given his building relationship with Lusty. Among other things. I guess time will tell in the end if Liz 4'D chessed us or not. I'm starting to think she did, and if so, I'd have to same that I'm impressed. The half-pint really does have a mind, even if said mind gets her in trouble on occasion.

Good chapter, really looking forward to seeing how this goes.
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