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for A Matter of Honor

1/24 c22 LoneRider-09
I'm enjoying this story very much.
1/21 c21 shooped
it all comes together, QE used her powers to make KGV fall in love with hawker, thus getting rid of opposition. Good of her to do so, can't let these upstarts think they have control.
1/21 c21 3kingdomssage
I admit I am a little disappointed that we aren't going the civil war route, but I will live. (I will lament in a corner later :) )

For as enthusiastic as I was with the old chapter 20, I do agree that it was rather out of left field as you once said.

The conversation with Conqueror about QE acting in her on interests rather than the crown and doing it more than once, and losing her flagship position in the atlantic answers my question about whether the actual monarch is aware of what QE does and is doing.

As for the sovereign situation. Man I did not expect that. I get what Thunderer must be thinking and feeling when he said he was basically living a stolen life. Don't suppose he could petition for a fourth Conq hull and sovereign into the family fold somehow. I don't know agree to a mission of high risk or something to prove that having a fourth is worth the cost.

Sovereign could be the second of the Thunderer sub-class of the Conqueror or something
1/21 c21 joeyginise
Does this mean Illustrious should go to horny jail? Cause I think she has the horny. Anyway, I am sort of hoping it is the king that shows up at the base. I think they are overdue a royal inspection anyway.

But yes, this is a much more natural development. And it makes sense that the Crown has been considering dismissing Lizzie for quite some time. She isn't getting any younger after all. And the constantly advancing nature of technology means that bigger and better Warships are already out there. She doesn't have the benefit of a super computer calculating deadeye shots that hit every time.
1/21 c21 1Truered11
It makes no sense to scrape him, because of the reasons Illustrious and Duke mentioned but also simply because of cost.
1/21 c21 ZiArtem
Damn, this is sooo good!
1/21 c21 1Warspite03
It was nice to see U-47 return, and that she is one of those that genuinely make Thunderer happy. A good friendship. I also like your representation of Conqueror and how she's totally embraced Thunderer as her brother.
1/21 c21 17Some guy2283
Don't think you can hide the 5:00 somewhere reference from me, I know the source song far too well for it to slip past me.

I get why Thunderer thinks he may suffer that fate, but if I were in the shoes of Royal Navy command, I wouldn't do that to an asset as powerful as he is. Less hassle and wasted time. Also, maybe soon Thunderer will get to meet his other sister!

I like the character development so far. Keep it up, your stories are always an interesting read.
1/19 c20 21Shiloh 1990
Agreed. The last one seemed a little to extreme. I know that Lil'bit is annoying but she seemed to realize that what Mitchell needed was someone calm and stable. She is a brat but she seems to always be three steps ahead of everyone.
1/19 c20 ian9018
Looking at past reviews, I think they kinda missed the point.

The part about sinking QE is important for two reasons. First, if QE takes direct orders from the crown and violently refuses to obey, that is pretty much a death sentence, whether that is in the professional or literal sense is a moot point. Even if a shot is never fired, the fleet that will visit later will wrest control from QE and put someone else who is loyal to the crown in charge. Which brings me to my second point that the leader of practically any number of kansen has to be rock-solid loyal. Keep in mind that Thunderer isn't being told the entire story and it could very well be QE's long and seasoned history (as a kansen anyways) that is getting her thrown out.

Thunderer getting the CO spot is primarily a political move. Why would Thunderer in particular replace QE? Because he is possibly the only recent opportunity for a replacement that is a kansen, won't have lingering loyalty, is motivated to see her out the door, and capable enough to actually replace her. Remember, he was previously commander to the entire base and while he didn't have as much direct power over particular fleets, it meant he was in charge of ALL of them. It also helps that there is a certain princess to vouch for him. Yes, nepotism is a thing and between his ties to the royal family, and the others of his ship class also being flagships, it would actually be weird if he wasn't strongly considered.
1/19 c20 Antonio Manco
To be honest, I like this one more; the resolution of the problem with the queen felt too rushed and out of place in the previous chapter
1/16 c20 shooped
So what makes Thunderer better than Queen Elizabeth, at this point nothing. QE uses her flagship abilities and thunderer uses his connections to get rid of her. Aren't the Royals jumping the gun here as well, Thunderer suspects that QE abuses her Flagship powers, so that warrants a complete removal? This sets up a precedent, anyone can accuse the Flagship of abusing their powers to the right person and if it reaches the Royals, boom, A Royal Edict is issued.
The Princess knew Mitchell beforehand so Conflict of Interest.
This just spits on the face of the other flagship that the RN has had in history, HMS Nelson.
Rough of Idea of how it happens:
Thunderer appears, QE declines, QE looks for support see none, QE still fights, Thunderer gets to kill QE due to official sanction and for using the flagship powers on him. The End.
1/16 c20 3ValkyrieCaptain
Well I have mixed feelings about this chapter. On the one hand Liz is getting a comeuppance for what she did but to go so far as to fire her is getting into the realm of dispproportionate retribution. It might not be an execution as one reviewer put it but it is effectively dismissing a seasoned warrior of her honors earned through years combat simply for making a decision that someone didn't like is over the top. There should have been some form of disciplining that would have humbled her and made her realize that she was doing was wrong. Also for the king to them Thunderer to sink anyone who gets in his way is too heavy handed because even if the kansen are still regarded as equipment, it would mean destroying a lot of valuable assets in the Siren conflict over a mere changing of command. The fact that one of the resistors could be his own mother ought to give Thunderer pause.

And while we are on the subject, Thunderer is getting dangerously close to becoming a Gary Stu here. To have connection to England's royalty all along begs several questions such as why he didn't call on them before and it comes right out of the blue. And then to be promoted to flagship over several more experienced kansen just because of his big guns seems quite frankly ludicrous. He only just became a kansen and has yet to see much in the way of proper combat.

I hope the author can answer these concerns.
1/16 c20 3kingdomssage
The moment Thunderer recites the orders to QE to come home, she has to know it is effectively an execution order if she doesn't comply. I'd be surprised if she doesn't know.

What will interest me most will be who sides with who. QE has Warspite and Valiant, obviously, I can't imagine they would abandon their sister.

The KGVs hopefully side with Thunderer, while the maids are a bit of a toss up. Curacoa way back in the beginning of the story would probably side with Thunderer in my opinion.

Then there is the Pacific base itself. You alluded to this a few chapters back, how many will genuinely support QE or has it been nothing but the Flagship protocol keeping everyone in line.

God Save the King or Queen I suppose.
1/16 c20 joeyginise
interesting, and I wasn't expecting an update today. A pleasant surprise indeed. Just what the hell is Mitchel's life anyway. He has retired admirals for family, and a literal Princess as his best friend. Just what is this man.
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