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for A Matter of Honor

1/16 c20 LoneRider-09
I'm kinda just hoping that QE doesn't comply.
1/16 c20 17Some guy2283
Wow... liz isn't going to like this. I'm pretty sure there's going to be some resistance from at least QE, maybe warspite? The KGVs are an interesting bunch and I don't know where they'll stand. Although I can't shake the possibility of a Royal Navy civil war at the midway base.

Good chapter! Looking forward to the next one!
1/16 c20 Mark Aksel Arashi
I must say, this is by far the best and interesting Azur Lane story I've seen. I wonder how the story will progress. I can't wait for more chapters, that's for sure.
1/13 c19 454godamora
Time to make this rated M.
1/13 c19 joeyginise
So Littorio went from ambiguously gay to actually gay. Neat. Not gonna lie, I literally have no idea what to say. Oh, how about a question. Does our Dear Prince here wear a hat with his new outfit? Cause I sort of got the impression that he looks like an old school police detective with the hat, coat, and all of that.
1/13 c19 17Some guy2283
Littorio's response intrigues me, much like learning Conqueror's actual status in the Royal Navy.

I'm fully expecting trial by combat now once/if Thunderer returns to midway. I doubt That dreadnought will be pleased with the new development.
1/13 c18 Somesh Anand
Hey man a thought, if you do pre fight banter can you use a variation of the line ‘in France we guillotine queens’ I’d you go for comedy. Thanks and love your story.
1/12 c18 joeyginise
I can't help but think that he could have just stuffed the jacket in a closet and gotten the same effect. I mean, i think he did admit that it was a gift from his mother. As for myself, I don't think I could just toss it. Stuff it in my closet and rarely pull it out when its could or for when the occasion calls for it maybe, but not trash it. Just feels like an unintentional insult against Wales.

I have no idea how wales will take the transfer, she only just got him back, only to "lose" him again. I look forward to more of course.
1/12 c18 shooped
go on thunderer, cause a internal dispute that will bring high command down on him heavier than 2 nukes that the USA dropped. Even if he challenges QE, what’s to stop high command from scrapping him?
Easy answer, the Royals let QE do what she does so when she fucks up so badly they can wipe their hands cleanly and go plausible deniability, in other words she is a scapegoat
1/12 c18 ZiArtem
Go, go Illustrious)
This is amazing! I can't wait for the next chapter.

You are really good in writing all of these emotions. No unnecessary drama, no putting reader on emotional high. Just good, solid and reasonable flow. Awesome!
1/12 c18 Some guy2283
I get this is primarily focused on the Royal Navy, but a part of me wonders how the other factions will handle this. Will Ironblood seek to expand their holdings? Will Eagle Uniom try to act as mediators? (I also wonder how Littorio will handle seeing Illustrious with Thunderer. :) )
1/12 c18 3kingdomssage
YES. I can't begin to explain to you how appealing the idea of a civil war in the royal navy between QE and Thunderer is. That was what I was trying to say last review but I wrote "civil wrong" for some reason.

You have also brought up something interesting that I hadn't considered before.

What does the actual monarch of the royal kingdom think and feel about QE. I mean at best you could say that QE is indulging a fantasy. At worst she has declared independence. Effectively declaring treason, insurrection, attempting to usurp the throne.

If the royal kingdom decides to take action to stop it and QE doesn't comply, what then? Actual civil war?
1/8 c17 3kingdomssage
The thought that Thunderer has family other than the KGVs is a nice touch. Finding out that his new "siblings" also share the same opinion of QE will probably be something of a relief for him. I can also say that this revelation will do wonders. He won't be questioning whether he can trust Conqueror.

I can imagine it now, Thunderer requesting a transfer to be with Conqueror. A real slap in the face for QE.

Is it wrong that a part of me is hoping Thunderer does just that and it ends up escalating into a royal navy civil wrong?
1/8 c17 Antonio Manco
I really like where this is going; and btw I really wanted to praise you for your updating schedule, so far you have been the most consistent of all the authors that I'm following
1/8 c17 joeyginise
I...uh...I believe Mitch here could use some therapy. He so far has no way to address his issues. The closest thing to that being his Mother, but seeing as she isn't present right now and that he is developing trust issues on account that he is probably having split loyalties based on the oath that Mitchel swore to the crown and his desire to be his own man. Feel like one of the solutions to this is being listed in the navy as "personnel" rather than a "strategic asset." But that relies on Mitch sorting out his apparent anger issues, and more aggressive tendencies as a capital ship. As one wise man once said, "Boats with feelings, what do?"

Not gonna lie, I actually thought that the new character was Monarch. What with the red hair. This is still very interesting, but I do feel that this one was just a tiny bit underwhelming. Felt rather short comparatively.

I commend you for experimenting with the very real truth of how shipgirls would fit in the naval hierarchy. Starting there lives as government owned assets, it is hard to very there place in the military as anything but a well cared for slave. While you have shown that man has taken steps to make it less like slavery by providing the girls with a rate, it doesn't stop there ambiguous position from being any less real. With time, they will have a figured out place in Human society. I personally think it would be strange if they went and started there own country. Mostly cause then the thought of "the navy just went rogue!" comes to mind. I personally would prefer a partnership, where decommission and scrapping are synonymous with retiring. In exchange for your guns, you may lead a life of peace as a civilian. How I viewed it anyway. I know it is a little weird tom look at, but Wales sacrificed a lot in exchange for motherhood. But at that point, giving up you guns after a long life of service is worth living out the golden years in relative peace.
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