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for A Matter of Honor

1/8 c17 17Some guy2283
Glad to see Conqueror made it in. Wondering how the dynamics at midway will change when they return.
1/8 c16 Guest
Truthfully what you pulled with Elizabeth commanding him has totally turned me off from this story. You took his freedom of choice away and forced him in a totally different direction. I know that this is your way of writing conflict but it truthfully leaves such a bad taste towards illustrious and the royals in particular that i will leave it here. If down the road there has been improvement then i might give this a read again but for now i will leave it as is and im my mind i will have him rise up against this slave like living to chart his own course in both life and love.
1/6 c16 1Truered11
I don't trust Illustrious, that just kinda how I am though, I'm not very trusting.
1/6 c16 joeyginise
I was right, this pairing is interesting.
1/6 c16 LoneRider-09
Oh nice.
1/6 c16 21Shiloh 1990
I wonder why Lusty has back ache so much ;)
1/6 c16 454godamora
I agree with what you said regarding the start. As much as I hate to admit, you just need time for a relationship.
1/5 c15 3kingdomssage
Man... If you wanted me to hate Elizabeth, than you have done a wonderful job.

I mean I can understand that she wanted to keep Thunderer's power in house, but I don't think there was need to lie straight to his face like that.

I myself felt the anger and certainly a bit hate Thunderer must of felt himself. What a way to burn the bridges of trust. I wouldn't be able to trust Elizabeth's word at all from that point forward.

I would be tense every time she is near, waiting , anticipating for when Elizabeth uses her flagship power.

And then there is the Illustrious situation. I mean we as the reader know her intentions are pure, but put myself in that situation. I'm not sure I could honestly say that I could trust her word entirely at face value.
1/4 c15 TexasDrifter
Not gonna lie, I felt Mitchell's rage within myself as I read this chapter. I'd probably smack some sense into the little half pint if I was in his shoes as well, if her stupid power didn't exist. Can't wait for the next chapter!
1/4 c15 shooped
What QE did is what the other flagships would of have done as well, Mitchell aka Thunderer is an unknown so you try and keep it in the Royal Navy as much as possible, at least Illustrious will show him the glory of soft landings.
1/4 c15 21Shiloh 1990
Lusty is a calm collected person in general so I think she would be a good choice for him in the end.
1/4 c15 TheOneAndOnly
This fic is one hell of roller coaster
1/4 c15 Samael2020
It's your story, but to me it seems an incredibly stupid move on Elizabeths part. This type of behaviour would encourage loyalty that extends exactly as far as her ability to control his actions through her ability as a flagship. While a political marriage is fitting for their aristrocratic theme, the idea would be incredibly hard to swallow for someone not raised with that exact expectation. At the very least, she should have made it clear from the begining that Gneisenau is not a viable candidate like she did with Akagi, as I can think of no better way to create resentment than giving him the illusion that he had a choice and then, when he choose one that was clearly one of the likeliest candidates to tell him his choice doesn't matter. Not only would it create resentment against Elizabeth, it would also likely poison any hope of a positive relationship with Illustrious.
Anyways, thanks for sharing this story with us. I have enjoyed it so far and am interested in seeing how it will continue.
1/4 c15 joeyginise
It really isn't, I actually thought it would work. And my best guess is that Gneisenau believes that she is not ready for motherhood, which is completely understandable.

I also would of been ok with him getting both. Also, has not one of them considered choosing candidates from the rank and file or the citizenry. They are Government property, sadly, the Government could literally marry them off. I bet you they would have no shortage of volunteers if it were a program or something. George is married to a Human! The Queen has no creativity at all.

God I wish he could will out a "no" to the queen, use some of the humanity he's got left against her.
1/4 c15 LoneRider-09
To be honest, I'm quite curious about what would've happened if Thunderer had chosen to go with the Iron Blood instead of the Royal Navy. Things would've changed drastically if he had gone with the Iron Blood and I'm sure it would've scared the Royal Navy and Eagle Union badly.
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