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for Dragon Age: A Wizard's Origins

2/27 c9 Trudy
Thank you for the update. Was a lot of fun
2/25 c9 bwall317
Dragon Age 2 is arguably the darkest chapter in the series so far, don't let Hawke's sarcastic quips fool you. Between the main character losing family during the course of ten years, the Mage Rebellion getting kicked off by Anders, and other horrors it's any wonder Inquisition was more light hearted.
2/25 c9 Guest
Really cool way to incorporate the dream sequences from the trapped companions without bogging the plot down with the slog that is the Fade section of Origins.

That always was the weakest section of the game, IMHO.
2/25 c1 Guest
Wow, I don't know what type of crack mckertis is smoking, but I'm pretty sure there's a huge difference between consensual sex scenes from a couple in a committed, long term relationship and supposed 'sick and pervy orgies.' There wasn't even a threesome in We're In This Together.

Lying, trolling assholes like that give this site a bad name.
2/25 c1 mckertis
Ah, it's a zugrian story. I wonder if it will have sick and pervy orgies like your previous Harry Potter fic. I do enjoy lemons, but your previous story was too morally disgusting to keep reading.
2/22 c9 Hank1967
Excellent chapter! Really enjoyed Daphne making an appearance. Loved Harry's reaction to her. One thing though - why did Harry get the real Daphne and everyone else got the faking spirits? Loved the dynamic between all the characters. Can't wait to see what's next!
2/22 c9 G
Thanks hope for more
2/22 c9 osterreicher97
Good chapter
2/22 c9 10HOLLOWTGH
I hated the fade part back in DA:O. worst part of the game imo, always hated having to do it again when I did another playthrough so I'm glad it got skipped mostly here tbh lol.
2/22 c9 magitech
I think you are so right when Daphne said there are worse ways to go than the Killing curse.
Given some of the spells DE's loved to use against defenceless people, especially muggles, like blood boiling, flesh peeling or organ exploding curses, the AK does seem quick and painless.
The main reason it was so feared was because no one seemed to try to create a shield against it and therefore it was unblockable, JK's people really were totally lazy.

I've never played the game so everything here is new to me
2/22 c9 Acrux The Northern Mage
Really glad this jumped onto my radar. I love Dragon Age, and Harry Potter. I think you've done a wonderful job so far, and can't wait for the next chapter.
2/22 c9 19thepkrmgc
So the templar case is in many ways hamstrung by the need for game balance: which means that mages (and blood magic in particular) cannot be significantly more dangerous than some dude with a sword. Similarly, the fact that the player isnt at risk from demonic temptation or possession affects our perception of the risks of those things happening to your average mage. For your average peasant in DA, a mage as a walking WMD who can mind control you or turn your town into a demonic hellscape at a moments notice. How many Redcliffs do the templars have to prevent to justify the right of tranquility?
2/22 c9 red demon161
Great update. I felt a bit sad seeing Harry reunited with Daphne but for it not to last. It look like they were a very passionate couple. I look forward to learning more about her.

And Sirius talks about cosplay. I should of know Sirius would of brought up one of his fetishes'. If Sirius knows that Harry offered to teach Morrigan I'm surprised he didn't bring up student/teacher play.:)
2/22 c9 3grovepjp
2/22 c9 Guest
love it
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