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for Reclaiming Khazad-dûm

5/2 c24 13Ruiniel
Great exchange between Nardi and Durin here. I liked the points each made. And enjoyed the light tint added in the end with the contest! Brings back memories.
4/30 c24 nafhtraeelddim
Fun story! just getting to the exciting bit. Can't wait to hear the rest.
Thank you! I was looking for good stories about what happens in the Dwarven kingdoms post BOTFA. This is one of the best I've come accross. Thank you!
4/29 c1 cyrilalbar06
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4/22 c23 Ruiniel
That was a great view of the halls and their status. I liked the mood in this one, everyone focused on strategy, they're so close. And Durin has such a great presence!
4/14 c22 Ruiniel
Darri's thoughts! You created a very sympathetic character here.
I absolutely adored the journal entry in this chapter. Beautiful and evocative images, with the past, present and future hopes of their people.
4/9 c21 Ruiniel
'I won't cry' got me good. So touching! Loved the farewells and the snippet of Durin and his family here. Let's see if all goes according to his expectations...
4/2 c20 Ruiniel
PS: I keep forgetting fanfiction's mobile app hates symbols when I review. I meant to say ... a comment containing even just 'insert smiley face' counts...
4/2 c20 Ruiniel
Loved the butterflies growing to the size of dragons expression! Sometimes you just need a good friend to set you straight and give a new perspective... her confession was heart warming, as was his understanding.

You know, I completely understand where your author's note is coming from. Let's face it, writing is hard, and the thought of sharing the result with others is one of the main incentives to post stories. Especially when we're talking about a multi-chaptered story, feedback is essential to keep going. It's just good to see someone else is there on the ride, y'know?

At the same time, I'll admit: before I started writing, I rarely reviewed fan fiction I read, even if I adored it. For some readers it's harder putting their thoughts out there than for others. But now I know that even a 'Love itHate it' or a comment containing even justcounts. We love them, folks! It just helps to show an effort is acknowledged.
Take care
3/30 c20 21AmandaBaker852
I really do like this story. It's great to have the story set in the 4th Age and I also like that you focus on dwarves which seem not to be well reflected in fanfiction outside of the Hobbit era.
3/29 c20 bobbygniu
I am loving the story. I am glad they reconciled. Only regret is only 19 more chapters. Thanks for sharing your story.
3/27 c19 13Ruiniel
The tension is building up. Halldis is clearly going through a tough time and her decisions are all emotional. I understand her, let's say, but poor Darri.
3/19 c18 Ruiniel
Great descriptions, and Halldis with Darri are just too precious! I liked to finally see the king in action and the preparations. It's all building up...
3/13 c17 Ruiniel
Great chapter! Always love the diary entries, this one was beautiful. Halldis is just adorable. Her inner monologue is a joy.
I enjoyed reading their conversation, and yes, the changes again... agree there.
Oh! Oh! That last scene got me. Also the last line!
3/3 c16 Ruiniel
Darri hungover is just the best. I really giggled reading the first part.
The hope of Durin was very nicely worded in the journal.
And the two kids are getting closer! But great reminder of war and death in the middle of their cheer.
2/28 c15 Ruiniel
A merry chapter! Nice scene with the discussions on the girls' beards, their comments made me smile. "Tall and hairless as they are" lol!
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