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8/23 c8 10Alaster Boneman
im honestly surprised seven isnt pregnant by now since that is a common stable of ault time lines bassed of the killing game two parter

but onto a review of the chapter and the story as a hole, i do think this is one of your better ones. as it didnt dip to hard into 'professor Chakotay and seven' weighting or questionable arguable selfish verging on bizarre behavior or characterization from our two love birds

there was only one or two moments that i think really rubbed me the wrong way, seven arguing for the exitance of some greater being. its not that i can not see seven developing or adtoping a faith or having her own view on spirituality it is just that couching that idea in a very 'human' or rather earth based culteral region. weather that is taking on the trapings of Christianity

in what ever form that religion survives in the star trek universe as what i recall happening in another story of yours, or chakotays mix of ever native American cultural thing he has going on becouse the native amercain consultant voyager hired on was revealed to be a huckster and fraud of the highest order.

i have always thought if seven were develop a faith outside omgea and her persuit of perfection which are onto religions themselves , she would be agnostic in the truest sense of the word. and while the notion of a 'great spirit' is not incompatible with that notion. any more than attributing the order of the universe to say 'the powers that by', fait, desenty or simpley order and chaos. is by personificationing forces we as humans can not comprehend so we must by our nature name and charatistem lest we seed even the notion of control to an uncaring universe

my mild, grievance is seven couching her arugment with durby in that the form of a spokes women for a culture (voyager made up bs not withstanding) she has limited exposer and only resent appreciation for.

it just feels to much like cultural appropriation for my taste. but thats just me, being a nit picker

a slight disappointment on my behalf is the lack of delvopment of seven and her fake sister's realtionship. as we see seven's development as a mother eather adtopted like with the bord kids or biological and as a wife or lover in these fan fictions. we rarely see her development of diffrent families connections such as siblings and deeper relationships outside of her casual and alloof friendships

but asi i said before, this is one of your better storys. and while i hope the auther note at the end if it is ment to be a singel that your leaving the fandom?

that isnt the case, as while i may have being critical of your work past and present i have enjoyed it.

the true mark of apreaction, in my mind is engagement. weather that its praise or critical rebuttle. works that provoke a reader to think about them are better than those that earn no such fevore

but if this is the end, than i shale morn your leaving and wish you well in your invevores as i move forward in my

Yours Alaster Boneman.
8/9 c8 Chris926
Thanks for sharing another terrific story!
8/4 c8 namaste
Sometimes you find the most profound stuff in unexpected places, that description Seven had about The Great Spirit that is exactly it, why I know there's some spark of intelligence in everything the Universe itself is alive and we're all part of something that our scientist keep getting facts wrong about, we can't understand everything.

I believe it's some sort of well an egg basically, I am the egg man, they are the egg man.

We have all these different names for it, sometimes we get worked up and fight about it. I believe theres layers upon layers of it, but at the top of it all somewhere is something Greater than all of it, because they created it all
8/4 c8 Khaless Magnific
Well I like it but the ending does feel a bit more like the beginning of a series rather than an end.

We all know Kathy's quest for "home" the Pathfinder project still exist I guess maybe they could find a way to communicate yet.

There's always the where they are in space too, who are their neighbors, the Hirogen better make sure New Earth II or is it New New Earth to at least two people living there, with even how redundant that is. How about New Nova Terra Nova.
They're gonna need to make sure they keep something in orbit that can shoot anyone down who decides to visit or anyone who might already have claimed it.

And of course yes some of them will want to go back, but now's a chance for a more stable way to do that. Use some of that Borg database memory seven has to make a new transwarp drive or something.
8/3 c8 Catseye
I can't help thinking this isn't the end of the story. What happens a year from now? If some of the crew do want to go back, can they operate Voyager, and face the various anomalies/hostile species/moral dilemmas they're bound to encounter, with a greatly reduced complement?

As another reviewer noted, your comments at the end seem to indicate that you're done with, or at least taking an extended hiatus from, fan fiction. I sure hope not.

Anyway, thanks for an enjoyable read ... and for the wildflowers.
8/2 c8 Capt. Kathryn
I really do like this! I initially thought Mary was Belanna, but Marina was perfect for being Seven's sister. I also like how you wove in C/7. And your writing for the Captain was great! Of course she's fixed on getting home, but not so much so that she'd disregard the crew and realities. Great story!
8/2 c8 Brian Summers
I have been reading Voyager fanfiction for a few years. This series has been one of my favorite. Well done :) :) :)
8/2 c7 93scifiromance
Another Santa Lucia!Thank goodness for T'Vora, she really defused the tension there, and with the best of the plans.

Well done and thanks for writing!

8/1 c8 17lizzy74656
Your author notes make it sound like you're rounding off your time with us, sad but understandable, if your life is busy right now and inspiration is lacking. I feel that myself and I have a few long stories that need finishing. I'm pleased this one has ended on a good note and that Janeway is on board to stay too for now. Will Paramount still produce new Star Trek? Somehow I don't think so or at least not the Star Trek we'd prefer as Gene Roddenbery envisioned it with hope and kindness. Thank you for your wonderful stories they've been very good, wonderful reads, especially this one. Lizzy74656
8/1 c7 Guest
Enjoyed this. Especially liked Seven's cosmology-anchored plug for a Great Spirit.

Echoes of the episode Resolutions, which I happened to rewatch just yesterday. The idea of making the best home you can wherever you happen to be; of truly inhabiting the place where you are and not just thinking about leaving it.

In Resolutions they also set down on a grassy clearing, except it looks like a freshly-mowed suburban lawn. I'll imagine that the grass clearing on (new) Santa Lucia is more like a meadow, with taller grasses and wildflowers.

Kudos, look forward to reading the final chapter.
8/1 c7 lizzy74656
What seven said about some person's not believing in the Great Spirit despite all evidence to the contrary is very apt. And what she said about Janeway being obsessed is true too. Now will they be staying or will Janeway just leave them behind, I wonder!?
Good to see another chapter up, thanks.
4/29 c6 10Alaster Boneman
this was a fine chapter and im glade only four of the crew are dead and no none of the recuring bacl around charaters of not. if i recall correctly 6 people in tottle died in the orgional killing game. so oddly enough everyone seems to have gotten of easyer inless im missing something

are there still people missing, i dont think ive seen harry or belanna anywere

ill be honest i could do with out the navle gazeing and the disccusions between chakatay, ayala and jenney about fate and free will. its not badly written but kind of basic skin deep exporations of these ideas and i do hope this dosnt turn into a distation on that stuff

i think an exporation on memory might be more intresting were do the crews true selfs start and were do the fake holo selfs end.

i know you love what if storys and i had an idea for one a week or so back for the episode sientific method were rather than or rather along side belanna and tom having their feelings for each other turned up to 11 and their inebriations turned down

maybe the aliens mess with seven and chakatoay in the same way. incressing their dorment attractions to each other as the crew are subjected to experments

perhapes the experments start sooner but are intently more mild and seven and chakatoay work togather to un ravavle the mistory could be fun for a mini story
4/24 c6 17lizzy74656
This is an interesting chapter, especially the conversation between Chakotay and Ayala. Your scripture reference should be John chapter twenty and verse twenty-nine, in the locked room. Chapter twenty-one is when they're on the shore of the sea of Galilee. (I've PM you.) Lovely to see them getting back to normal, but are they now questioning whether to keep aiming for the Alpha Quadrant or not? How will Janeway take that, I wonder.
4/22 c6 93scifiromance
Thank you for writing! Seven and Chakotay's scene was a standout, really well done and insightful. Chakotay's grief over all the deaths and the growing sense of disillusionment within the crew was also well done. The theological discussions were interesting in that context of disillusionment, though I let it go over my head a bit.

Well done and thanks for writing! Thank you also for alerting me about the new C/7 author.

4/14 c5 Guest
I am always ao excited to read anything you write
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