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for Memory of a Dream

4/13 c5 firebirdgirl
Delurking to encourage you to continue. I love your C/7 fics, they always spot on character-wise. I also like your use of the characters in the background to flesh out the story rather than use of a Mary Sue/Gary Stu. You take great care with all of the characters, the mark of a great writer. I am sorry if I am not more specific, just wanted to tell you that you are awesome and to keep up the great work.

Happy writing,
4/7 c5 Chris926
I like the way you find a way to intertwine faith into your stories, as you did with Ayala in this chapter. Looking forward to more! (I feel like we C/7 fans are a dying breed - not there were many of us to begin with! So your store is greatly appreciated!
4/3 c5 93scifiromance
Great chapter! Some wonderful development of all the friendships. Chakotay and Ayala's scenes were a stand out, but of course I enjoyed Marina's reassurance to Seven and Tom comforting the Captain too.

The site doesn't send out notification emails anymore unfortunately, so it's very easy to miss chapter updates. That's likely why the reviews have dropped. The mobile app does send notifications, that's why I knew, but that can be patchy too, sigh. You have to go onto your account and permit those.

Well done and thanks for writing!

3/30 c5 10Alaster Boneman
its good to see some 7/c shippers / fandom still out there fighting the good fight. is suposs with picard its become a little dishearting to keep this little boat of ours a float

though i think sfromancer did upload a new story recently

as for this one its a nice to see the voyager crew getting back on there feet though i think there could have being a bit more angst between seven and chakotay as poplualer as it is to put them togather with the killing game two parter. we do have to remember seven was still quite borg like during that time and still very new to humanity, it was what maybe 6 mouths since she was severed from the collective?

star dates have always confused me

i do hope ayala dosnet go all preacher on us, i cant recall if it was you or another fan righter that created this super christain guy in a series of flicks. who i found quite annyoing and i hope he dosnt become like that or super pushy

it might be intresting to see how the crew deals with the two sets of memorys in their head. but i always took the hirogain mind whip device to basslic be a way to let the 'thin' programes of the holo deck run rought sought over the crews minds

and the reason they were so easly dismissed is because id imagon most holo dech holograms are like more advanced skyrim or fallout npcs, they have ruteens, things the progame says that their intrested in, perks, quicks, memoir's and traits but nothing like evolving true persoanitys

though some of the long running ones like fair haven and the lenardo programe did seem to have a few more 'men behind the curtain' than the random beach goes of toms old day spa program

but i doubt even they are anything close to spaent , the idea that every random holodech charaters is aware is horrifing

and hell what the hirgun do later in flesh and blood even disproves that theory as they say they copyed the docs base code so their holo could learn, adtemp and evolve to be more worthy prey

i will say it will be intresting to see seven and marina's realtionship devlop as weve seen plenty of seven the stutent, the friend, the mother and the lover but i can think of only a few storys that give her a sibling and do anything with it

though i hope this dosnt end up like one of your older storys were seven and chakaotay start sharing a brain and bassicly become a collective of two. as that was horrfing back in the day
3/28 c5 17lizzy74656
This is a very interesting take on the original Hirogen episode. Great. You asked for a review, and now I've given you one! I always enjoy your stories. Thank you.
3/27 c5 1DRHarlow
I was so happy to see a new chapter posted! Yes, there are still diehard C/7 fans still here! I’m looking forward to the rest of the story! Thanks for posting!
3/4/2022 c4 loopids
I've been following this community for years, C/7 is the best:) However, in all this time I've never really posted anything until now. And I just have to say how much I love all the stories you write. I'm not a terribly big fan of melodrama (which is always absent from your stories) and the AU's are so much fun to read. Because you don't know what to expect. Anything can happen:)

This AU is great already, and this chapter in particular is awesome because there isn't that rift between Chakotay and Seven when they regained their memories that so easily could have happened. Instead you have let them maintain their grown affection, yet still keeping the main storyline focused on a mission. In only three paragraphs you've anchored their mutual understanding in a subtle and graceful way. I'm so happy, thank you:)

And thank-you for listening to my sappy review:)
1/22/2022 c4 10Alaster Boneman
its good to see this back

while i hoped that we might get more insight to seven and chakotays feelings for each other , after all their holo selfs did recently get marryed and were intermat with each other youd think that might couse more of a reaction form both of them sence they werent that close before the killing game two parter

and this is a wrinkly nether of them were expecting and perphes some more time should have bing given to a mild freak out and reassurance

but i can understand putting that on the back burner for now, though i hope it gets covered in the coming chapters

i do have to question the logic of giving sam wildman back her memorays and not someone like tuvok, whom i think is the towns preacher? in less im mistaken

while it perhaps nicer for Namoi and sam to be reunited after a mouth apart, sam isnt the most useful person they could have recruited given the state of the ship and crew. and even in the holo town dose she have any real authority?

perhaps seven could have at least suggested tuvok or another member of the Security staff or an engineer and chakotay could make an augment for sam, that at the very least she could keep the town calm and get Namoi out from under foot

i do like that seven came up with the original game plan here we dont normaly see her in a postilion of authority or displaying any leadership skills
1/22/2022 c4 93scifiromance
Thank you so much for updating! I loved this chapter! Everyone followed a sensible plan despite the upheaval and Chakotay and Seven's moment of anxiety before relaxing with each other was very well done.

1/22/2022 c4 Chris926
So glad you’ve posted again!
1/22/2022 c4 Capt. Kathryn
Wow, I am so fascinated with this story! I can't wait for more!
1/22/2022 c4 17lizzy74656
I like where this is going. Lovely.
4/27/2021 c3 10Alaster Boneman
i know ive being harse on this story so far, or rather being rather smug in 'calling the plot' but i liked this chapter a lot but i liked how seven fingered out how there was something wrong. it was rather ingenus.

no one would think to progame in the rotation of the earth and other small details like that. the small changers that come day to day. also the ship being abandoned by the hirogan explans why the water in the wild west simulation is running out.

the replicator is somewhat tied into the holodeck though the shows have never realy detailed how that works. like sure if the progame had a 'menu' like that bar simulation early voyager used a few times. that you could order drinks and food at from the hologram bar keep. its just useing the relicator with extra steps. but is the progame smart enough that if you picked up an apple from a fruit ball, in the insent before you bite into it. it replicators a 'real' apple?

regardless. with things falling apart and the hydrogen prioritizing the holodeck for their hunting. the ship would, "cannibalise" other sources of energy to keep the program running. so no water.

which if that was your intent thats a petty smart detail. and here i thought this was some histical disaster i had never herd of. plenty of towns went belly up in those days

i do /have had one legitimate complant, with the crew stuck in the progame, i dont think you ever detailed what they looked like. for example the town preacher you made no mention that i could recall that would expain who he really is. sure some of the towns foke a bound to be fake but you get my meaning.

and yes if for example the town preacher was say Tuvok then the mind fucked crew would just see him as human as their brains have being over ridden with what ever stock characters were in the program

but it would be nice to know whom everyone is/ was in the fake reality.
4/20/2021 c3 816Laura Schiller
Whoa, that makes "The Killing Game" sound like a walk in the park by comparison. Isn't two months alone for Naomi taking it a little too far? Scifiromance is right though, the astronomy idea was very clever and Trek-ish.
4/20/2021 c3 17lizzy74656
Oh wow. The Hirogen, now that's a turn up for the books. Great, can't wait for more.
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