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for Memory of a Dream

4/20/2021 c3 RomanticLover1
For obvious reasons, this chapter explains so much! I love the direction you have taken with the story (using the Hirogen games as the reason for why they were there - reminds me of another story, though that was very different).
I wonder what Seven and Chakotay will do with their memories restored, but with the new events, such as their wedding, also affecting their lives.

Can't wait for the next chapter!
4/20/2021 c3 93scifiromance
Poor Seven, being flooded with that! :O She's going to feel horrible.

That was a brilliant unveiling of what was going on, perfectly paced. How Annie and Chris realised and got out was a great idea, because of course the horizon doesn't change in the holodecks!

I'm so glad they found Naomi, two months trapped in her quarters! You wrote her really well too. The letter from the Doctor sounded exactly like what he would write.

WELL DONE and thanks so much for writing! I can hardly wait for more!

4/16/2021 c2 Chris926
So glad you decided to post! Having fun trying to figure out who everyone is!
4/16/2021 c2 scifiromance
I'm so glad you've come back to this! I'm glad Annie is allowing herself to feel some happiness despite the situation and all of her conversations with Mary were very well done. Everyone was in character even in their new personas especially the Mayor/Captain, she really is a leader in any situation.

I'm wondering if the 'dead' townspeople were just taken out of whatever Santa Lucia is and are working to get the others out? Maybe the 'demons' motives are not as simple as they appear to the townsfolk? So intriguing!

Well done and thanks for writing!

4/16/2021 c2 10Alaster Boneman
my plot sense is tingerling i do love a new take on the killing game two parter its being a while since i saw any new fan works on it
12/4/2020 c1 Chris926
Always glad to see a new story from you! Looking forward to more!
12/2/2020 c1 Alaster Boneman
this was very interesting

while as you know im not the biggest fan of elseworlds (if this is what this is) but this has got a nice plot hook, a mistory to boot.

if this isn't an else world I have a few theory's about whats going on

1: with the repeated mentions of annie (seven) and her 'sister' arriving only a mouth before this chapter. this world, could be one of the hollow graphic simulations created by the hirugan though I'm fally sure seven was on voyager longer than a mouth before the events of the killing game but that's an ease enough thing for the herugan computer programme to miss. it would also explain the sudden depiction of food and water. this scenario is likely meant to test the voyager crews survival skills if this like the world war two setting wasn't a histical recorded event.

though if this is the killing game then, the comments that seven and Chakotay have this great a repour don't add up as its to soon for all that

2: this is a workforce like situation were the crew are being made to live out different roles and lives for some perpuse

I do look forward to this story developing
12/2/2020 c1 93scifiromance
Oh I love this so far! It was really immersive, I could picture the little desert town of Santa Lucia, 'Annie' frowning out the window as she tried to place an odd feeling, and see the town sheriff! Whatever happened on 'that day'... whoever did it didn't mean for them to stay there long if their supplies are running out...

I'm glad that Seven/Annie has Mary/Marina. I would've expected Seven to be utterly alone but am glad she's not, and it'll definitely be useful that two people who could fight the brainwashing or memory loss or whatever trust each other. Their dialogue was great!

Also, of course, Annie, say yes!

Well done and thanks for writing!

12/1/2020 c1 RomanticLover1
I am very curious about how this story is going to go.
I admit, I both want more of this alternate story of where they don't know who they are, but also want to know about how they got here and how they are going to fix it. It will be interesting to see how you are going to merge the two.

I have always enjoyed your stories, so I am very excited to see another one in the making!
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