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for Keen on Finding Her

5/18 c1 1hookloveme
everything okay with you? You have time without updating and it is not normal hahaha
4/15 c23 dicapriosbae
it's really good!
4/12 c1 Guest
My favourite Keenler story 3
4/4 c23 Kate
can’t wait for the next chapter!
3/28 c23 hookloveme
i need more lol
3/11 c22 guest
i keep coming back to reread hoping that will be manifest an update!
3/7 c1 sarai
god please update i’ve been daydreaming about the rest of this story and am starting to go crazy!
3/2 c22 M
Love everything about this, a credible Canon Divergence, the proximity to the characters (I bet Aram is still a real sweetheart, but I love his protectiveness of hurt Ressler) and how Liz and Ressler have subconsciously grown closer. Fingers crossed that them both manage to untangle the web they are currently in! Thanks for writing this!
2/28 c1 GUEST
holy crap i love this story! please update asap i need the keenler you’ve been teasing
2/25 c5 Guest
Really enjoying it.
2/16 c1 addimay
saw you posted another two chapters and dropped everything to read them now i regret not savouring them!
2/15 c19 keenlerfn492
love this story so much, keen and ressler have the best dynamic! getting updates from this story literally makes my day, been reading since the first chapter and i’m obsessed. please continue writing and posting this i love it!
2/16 c22 hookloveme
I think you definitely want to kill me.
2/16 c21 hookloveme
I promised myself that I would not read your updates so fast to have more chapters to read...I could not fulfill it AND IT IS WORSE. I can't wait!
2/16 c19 hookloveme
Your updates are too short for me: '(I should have waited for you to advance further because I'm suffering lol
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