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for Let it Go

12/7/2020 c1 138GRYFFINDOR123456
thanks for reviewing! But I don't take medication but I do have Autism. Maybe anyone who has seen the review might see my Autism coming through slightly?
If this is an issue, please just feel free to just either PM me or just add another review.
I am a junior writer, and I do want to take English at university when I am old enough.
But as you can see, most of my stories have A LOT of energy put in, as you may have noticed, I am very energetic.
Thank you for reviewing, and please contact me via PM or by adding a review to this if anyone has a problem.
12/6/2020 c5 Elle MorganBlack
I think someone took far too much of their medication before writing this! Go and have a nice lay down & perhaps not post anymore until hallucinations have stopped?
(when you've left the room, goes & calls men in white coats)

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