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6/14 c3 9Blandusername
Kinda ruined it with a party system. You know cause it’s SOLO leveling. Not to mention the amount of cringe in the first couple of chapters with the extreme hate of everyone in the village.
6/12 c3 BBWulf
This was doing rather decently. Unfortunately the dreaded “party system” seems to have infected this story. Regrettably, as I quite enjoyed thus, I have to leave now, as I have an allergic reaction to stories affected by that plague.
6/12 c5 InstantlyOverall
It's a really good story
6/11 c5 dlowe2651
fucking awesome I really hope you update again soon
6/11 c1 Scott Marshall1
That is the one thing I don’t like bout solo is that the daily mission is that if you fail you are punished but what is you are a sleep or in a coma
6/11 c1 Guest
Well if he is going to be a Monarch he should have his won imperial harem and various sets of concubines.
6/11 c5 BlackhawkRookie
Awesome chapter. Thanks for the story and keep it going!
6/11 c3 grimmouse197
Not THAT makes sense
6/11 c5 Dasgun
6/11 c1 4NovaNamikaze
Such a good crossover couple but don't like the story :(
Like there are quite a couple good gamer fic naruto crossover.
Just most of the crossover are kinda bad.
The best to get as a good reference is Re:Gamer.
And the ff story before it.
6/11 c5 Gojo Sage Satoru
feel like this is a crack fic cause the power levels are in this story so untill you fix that I cant read this story
6/10 c4 1darn2k
Great story like always. If you are still taking suggestions on love interest, Kaguya would be interesting for a darkish conqueror Naruto like this one. Especially if you can somehow have them in contact early on and have a saner Kaguya giving him advice.
6/10 c5 jc375884
ver nice chapter
6/10 c5 Alim fanficker1
when this best broo haha
6/10 c5 khurram
Nice story
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