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5h c4 yamao
the special episode #3 its one of the most funniest
3/24 c55 empourer
i'd rather skip over long ring long land, it feels less cannon than navarone
3/23 c55 Guest
Well looks like we’re finally heading to Skypiea can’t wait to se it and Denki’s reaction to how Enel’s powers are his but better. Also while it would be a while when you get there can you also do the foxy arc. You most likely will since it’s canon but I just want to be ’s my least favorite arc in the series but I would really love to see the characters(mostly Bakugou) reacting to it and wondering how this is canon(again mostly Bakugou).
3/23 c55 Gusty
The next few episodes would be like a dream, a beach with an ocean view of clouds, a city floating on clouds, seashells that possess simple quirk-like abilities like recording sounds, expel air, emit heat and fire. Did you know that Denki family name means God of Lightning. The audience would then see the power of one of the most devastating Devil Fruits out there, Denki would feel inadequate when he sees that his strongest attack is only a tiny fraction of Enel's full power. But on the other hand, it would give him some ideas that his quirk could be used to create electromagnetic fields, add a little versatility to his electricity quirk.
3/23 c55 3dragun95
I honestly don't really like the Skypiea saga, it has a slow and boring development in general, except for Noland's past and the final fight against Enel, but I wouldn't classify it as a saga that can be skipped, besides, this is where we can start to see one of the 3 hakis even if it has another name. By the way, I know you're skipping the fillers for now but I honestly really enjoyed Navarone's filler arc, I found it fun and entertaining.

Now if we talk about canon arcs that can be skipped, the only one that really does not contribute anything (that I remember) is Foxy's, it is an entertaining arc without a doubt but at the time I came to think that it was pure filler but it turned out to be almost everything Canyon. The only thing that I find noticeable was the appearance of Aokiji at the end of everything, but the rest, although I liked it a lot, I don't remember that it contributed anything.
3/23 c55 Ace-D.-Bishop
As this is literally my first time on this site i don't know if the published part means this specific chapter or the entire thing i would love if someone could explain this to me, but anyways,

I absolutely love this series & will 100% favorite this, please continue.
3/23 c55 Echo
Makes me so happy they reacted to Doflamingo lmao
3/22 c55 Guest
WHy would people skip Skypiea
dont they remember that funny scene with
the falling down with Sanji Usopp and Luffy
It will be fun to see them react to that
3/22 c55 16NorthSouthGorem
He'd, not he've. He've is NOT a proper contraction and does not exist in English.
3/22 c55 SomeGuy2020
Its finally time for the next big hurdle! Its good to see the events of foreshadowing in the early parts of one piece shown to the group. Theres so much info to gather from this arc! Enel IS gonna make a comeback! Just gotta wait until then. And you cant forget that face either, i mean come on. Great job on the chapter! And also, thanks for acknowledging Doffys walk. Couldnt forget that either XD
3/22 c55 scl04
And here is the chapter at last, the one puch to Bellamy was excellent alongside the reactions of the class and teachers...and of course all of the world building with the introduction of characters like Whitebeard, the Five Elders, Sengoku, Tsuru, Doflamingo, Kuma as well as the informatio of Shanks wanting to talk with Whitebeard.

Of course the interesting stuff, I mean more than everything mentioned above at least, is them learning of those "mysterious characters" being Blackbeard and his crew with those who got to know All For One not liking him for feeling that sort of "connection" between the two villains (I found off how it was remembered that they attacked Drum island but not that he killed a crewmate when he was with Whitebeard and now Ace is going after him, oh well).

Skypiea will start in the next chapter now, personally I liked it before and with everything that has been revealed since then even more so I'm eager for this! Funnily enough MelonTeee made a video about it a few days ago, quite the coincidence and I recommend you to watch it!

Thanks for all of your hard work as always!
3/22 c55 4The Viking Stranger
That, All Might... is gonna be a long ways away. Enjoy the ride.
3/22 c55 StrongGuy159
Awesome chapter continue with the Skypiea Arc (It's awesome anyway) please.
3/22 c55 4Chronosign
I think Enel/Eneru might've awakened his devil fruit. Think about it, remember his last attack, the one where he became a hundred foot blue Buddha. I think that an Awakened Logia user can transform into a deity-like form.
3/22 c55 6Ruby Warrior Girl 730
This is great! But I wonder if you’re going to to have One Piece watch BNHA?
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