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5/7 c73 Matt
5/2 c73 Azure dragon king
hopefully, you're doing alright and continuing this awesome story!
4/29 c73 musizlover2008
I do hope you have the time to resume writing soon. The One Piece manga is churning out peak chapter after chapter and it isn't slowing down soon, aside from the occasional week breaks. I really wanted to see All Might's reaction when he sees Blackbeard somehow steal the power of Whitebeard. He would jump out of his seat and stand in shock to see this animated character being very similar to his arch nemesis. Come to think of it, All for One has been around since the beginning of quirks, could he somehow heard of the world famous anime and was inspired by the anime villain to follow the same path?
4/27 c73 Guest
Is this fic dead?
4/24 c73 Matt
Update this already!
4/11 c73 rauolv0912
Bro, why isn't there any more of this. This is really good. J hope this continues on.
3/21 c73 ashfrost75
More please
3/12 c73 Anon
As a recommendation, to speed things along, perhaps they should be watching One Pace instead? The fan project to cut out all the filler and make things more timely and loyal to the manga. It would lessen the work load.
3/10 c1 Guest
Wher Update Again Again
3/2 c73 Noxx
Finally I caught up! Just wanted to tell you I love your work. Everyone is in character, and very accurately at that. I love all the details you put, although I’m kinda sad you skipped G-8. But oh well, since the Water 7 saga is coming next, how can I complain?
Also I love the jokes you make they’re very creative
2/28 c73 4MangaToons
I agree with you on that. After the Foxy Arc, this is where the straw hats are going to deal with the big leagues like Akoji and CP9. While I enjoy the filler of the Foxy arc, I understand the reason not to put it in and add in a different story.

Also, the student needs to realize it is a show. Because at times I think they complain about the character's personality a bit too much. (Like Bakugo bashing on Usopp/ Jirou bashing on Sanji when he flirts. Or everyone complaining about Luffy's stupidity sometimes etc.) I enjoy their flaws half the time, and it can be hilarious. Especially when it is dire to break the tension half the time. {Like Chopper gave Franky different drinks in the middle of the battle against the round CP9.}

Also, the scene involving when Luffy and the others were ambushed by the large snake in Skypiea Arc, the reaction felt kind of bland to me. I don't know if My Hero universe has large animals (That aren't quirk-related) But that should be a shocking reaction other than "Of course is a snake!"

Maybe it's just me, but I do enjoy the straw hat's flaws being funny yet inspired at the same time. I do enjoy your story a lot, and it's the only crossover reaction of One Piece story that's still going on (Minus mine involving Pretty Cures)
2/27 c1 Guest
Wher update AGAIN
2/24 c73 Matt
Would you update this already!?
2/17 c73 Guest
Please update soon
2/15 c73 Sailor
Uff es tan genial ya quiero él siguiente arco
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