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for Tainted Heartbeats

4/29 c1 cyrilalbar06
For such a great story, a lot of audience must read your book. You can publish your work on NovelStar Mobile App.
12/7/2020 c3 12Avalain Nightshade
I can see a lot of love and thought went into this. Nicely done!

Upon reading the last few paragraphs of the story, a lot of the narrative style suddenly made sense. You were very descriptive, which gave me a good idea of where everyone was and what they were seeing. At times it was almost hard to picture, despite the descriptiveness- but I think that bit of uncertainty works really well considering *spoilers for those who click on reviews first* that it was a dream all along.

Thanks for making this, I'm glad I came across it. Have a good day :)

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