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for bens second watch

11/28/2022 c6 jasongd
And another great chapter congrats
I'll be waiting for next chapter
11/24/2022 c6 2FinalKingdomHearts
I look forward to the next chapter.
10/10/2022 c5 jasongd
Very interesting story and especially the last chapter
I'll be waiting for next chapter

9/22/2022 c5 Jason169
how about using it on grandpa max so he doesn't notice anything wrong with them acting 'friendly' with each other and I wanna see what happens next
6/19/2022 c5 FinalKingdomHearts
I look forward to the next chapter.
Can Ben rescind previous orders?
10/13/2021 c4 Kingpizzathe3
Suggestion have Ben hypnotize Gwen to act like a cat
8/26/2021 c4 FinalKingdomHearts
Remove the cruel commands.
Add sexual commands.
Ben is the only male Gwen is attracted to.
Pleasuring Ben gives Gwen pleasure.
Gwen has erotic dreams about Ben.
8/18/2021 c4 SargentEpsilon
I have a suggestion for a hypnotic command. If Ben and Gwen meet back up with Kai Green, Ben could use the watch to hypnotize her into acting like a domesticated dog under certain triggers. Seems to me like fitting payback for when she tried to treat Ben like a pet wolf. As for what the trigger would be, I'm thinking the phrase "Yenadooshl Cub Mode" to activate the change and "Back to the Watch Pound" to resume normal behavior.
12/29/2020 c1 Jason169
lemon my be next chapter
12/15/2020 c1 FinalKingdomHearts
I expected a lemon.

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