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1h c44 Wyvern Yellow
if I'm going to see AFO come back as a completely different man, it would make the most realistic sense, but it would also be a shot to the heart that I don't want to see
1h c44 Flashyyyyyyy
I hate Nighteye
I hate him so much :D
Great chapter :)
1h c44 3RonaldM40196867
Plan B matters.
A good idea for a quirk name for Izuku, is Jade Koi. The symbolism is because of the old story of the Koi fish who spent 100 years hopping a waterfall to reach the top. The gods were so impressed by his determination, they turned him into a dragon. Just a cool idea. It fits because of his quirk theme and hair/scale color.
13h c43 Jeff
I'm loving your work and I can't wait for even more!
5/16 c43 2casualCranium
haha yeah, now we see where aizawa's dislike of all might comes from, at least in part. also, even if they find nasutto and he finds someone with a regeneration quirk, izuku's almost certainly going to have to take that person's quirk by force. they won't be willing to give it up (unless they lie about who it's really for) and nobody else can transfer quirks, so what will izuku be willing to do to save his father? and he can't let information about what he's doing get out, or the heroes will 1. know for sure he has his father's quirk 2. realize his father is alive 3. probably track him back to his father and finish the job. will nasutto just disappear the person afterwards, or will they pull a heist and steal the quirk while its owner is sleeping? i can't see 9-yr old izuku killing anyone, so that limits their options.

anyways, looking forward to see what comes next!
5/15 c43 8Cosmyk Angel
Love it! Nighteye sure is a piece of work isn't he?

Cosmyk Angel
5/15 c43 Joshua the Hand Written
Great chapter. I thought Nasutto escaped but if he did die, and Izuku called him, then that could cause problems.
5/15 c43 MarvelGirl2005
Please update this I love this so much. I hope that Sir Nighteye and All Might realize what they did to Izuku
5/15 c43 Luke5921
Great chapter, things are starting to move on both sides. I can't wait to see All Might's reaction to what Nighteye has been doing and I strongly believe All Might didn't know that his sidekick tanked the polices request to grab Izuku.

Can't wait to see what happens
5/14 c43 Wyvern Yellow
The dutiful sons searching for quirks to help their dad is awesome
5/14 c43 777AMATERASU777
Good chapter
5/14 c43 2TheCuriousGuest
Look at little Izuku! Only a short time ago he was supporting 'heroes' and now he's already gone from ensuring a certain family gets more business/support & even begun gathering information to aid his father... :') AFO is certainly going to be impressed even if their 'plan' fails... If only due to the intelligence, commitment, and loyalty that Izuku and Tomura have shown.

I am interested in how far Izuku will manage to go with this plan... Glad he's looking for ones that may work instead of grabbing them all, although seeing how multiple regeneration quirks complement one another would certainly be useful later on. :/

Nighteye... If they can't identify the sole body that had its head explode/punched off then it's likely it's not there. : At least currently, as I'm sure a replacement is also being prepared to be 'identified' by him.

I'm sure that Eraserhead and Scarab Will be annoyed as this completely removes any chance of them gaining increased support beyond whatever money they gained... Well, can't wait to see how Eraserhead reacts. :D

Also, I see Nighteye's suffering some sort of delusion... He couldn't 'solve' all their problems? I think he's caused several with just his actions/choices in that meeting. :/ Rather shortsighted of the guy who can see the future. Certain members will now be more suspicious of the heroes... Are they taking someone else's credit? What else have they covered up? O:) Shouldn't just consider how it affects Toshinori, Nighteye.

Amusing how they struggle to find a 'sufficiently quiet' arrest, that should be how most of their arrests are... Guess both sides are too used to 'brutes' if Eraserhead & AFO are so rare.

Anyway, interesting chapter and I can't wait to see how things progress... Or what is overlooked/missed due to the chaos/stress of what's happened/happening.
5/14 c43 Azreal9576
Love the update, great chapter!
5/14 c43 3RonaldM40196867
Pizza rocks.

Good search.
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