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8h c23 Guest
I love !
6/14 c23 Lady Erulisse
Hah! Kat’s conversation with the eagle was HILARIOUS idk why XD her responses were so realistic hahah I imagine that’s how most of us might react in that position. And wowie wow! Alright! So things just keep getting more and more interesting as we go! SO excited to see how the Edoras scenes play out! Although I’m MOST looking forward to see how Faramir fits into all this! He’s easily my favorite character!
6/14 c23 LairaCapulet
Oh gosh the dialogue with the eagle was great, gave me a good laugh XD. I'm happy for kat. She doesn't have to be alone jet and can enjoy the company longer. Great chapter. I hope to read more soon
6/14 c23 Nice
I'm super excited to see where this goes next. Thank you for your hard work.
6/14 c23 14Katia0203
Info dump indeed! I always roll my eyes when I read Gandalf's shenanigans when he meets up with the Three Hunters; he really likes to be dramatic haha.
I'm glad Kat got a bit more direction on what to do next, even if it's a little vague. Just knowing she's on the right track must be reassuring. Thanks for the update, I was looking forward to this!
6/12 c22 Ocean Serious
You don't know how much I needed this. I have not read a ff in so long and to read 22 pages in one night was so enjoyable. I enjoy your twist and writing. Hope to see more soon
Much love a Serious Ocean
6/6 c22 cameron1812
Loving this story!
6/3 c22 3Scylla's revenge
At last they figured out where Frodo and Sam got to! And now I'm dying for Kat to confess her feelings to Legolas. You've developed their relationship really well so far, very gradually and naturally- it's very sweet and wholesome and makes me smile and oh come on, tell him how you feel!
6/3 c21 Scylla's revenge
You're killing me here with Kat teasing Legolas about sex. Amazing. witty. show-stopping. more please!
6/3 c20 Scylla's revenge
I'm liking your version of Legolas more and more with each chapter! The cutesy jokes between him and Kat could easily have gotten annoying or felt out of place, but he's just so dang earnest that it makes me smile and I love it. And him asking if orcs have souls- that got me too. Very touching and bitter and really well done.

PS THANK YOU for making your elves eat meat. It doesn't make sense to me that they'd be vegetarians like in the Hobbit movies. Like how many alternative protein sources would they have in Mirkwood?
6/3 c19 Scylla's revenge
So much to unpack in this chapter! Boromir kissed her paw- that is just so cute and gentlemanly and such a funny image that I can't stop smiling. And his awkward hug with Aragorn too XD I'm so glad you let him live. And now I'm getting the sense that Nellas is into him?
And it's interesting that they don't seem to understand that Frodo and Sam went to Mordor alone- if I remember right it was pretty clear to them in the book, but then if we want Kat to stay with the Three Hunters instead of meowing her way into Mordor after Gollum, then I guess we need to keep them in the dark a bit longer. I'm okay with that!
6/3 c18 Scylla's revenge
Oooooh once you revealed it was Gollum I was so sure you were going to kill Boromir- fingers crossed that I was wrong! I really like his friendship with Kat and her determination to help him. Also- she can see Frodo with the ring on! I'd always wondered if it worked on animals, and I can't remember if they ever gave us a clear answer in the books (it did work on Smaug in The Hobbit, but then dragons are magic so idk)
6/3 c17 Scylla's revenge
It was Gollum, I knew it! I'm also curious about Nellas now- it looks like she had some sort of plan in mind. What was she up to?
Also- tiny cat harness? Kat may not have liked it, but it sounds adorable!
6/3 c16 Scylla's revenge
I just love how you write interactions between members of the fellowship- it's not just what was already written in the books, but it builds off those scenes nicely. I also love the idea of Gimli collecting rocks. I had several shoeboxes full of interesting rocks under my bed when I was little and now I'm quite pleased with the idea that Gimli would have loved to see them XD
6/1 c22 14Katia0203
Our boys are so dramatic, aren't they? Haha Aragorn always likes to put on a grandiose show, and of course Eomer couldn't let Aragorn be better than him! I love how defensive Gimli is of Galadriel, his loyalty is so sweet.
Kat you are not subtle AT ALL "you'd never bail on your best friend... right? RIGHT?" haha
I love how they're flirting but Kat doesn't realize that's what it is, since she's sure it's one-sided. Poor thing, she just wants to love him and have him love her back!
Then you have Aragorn having a nervous breakdown, something I have trouble even imagining, thank Eru Gandalf is finally here!
OK so this review got looooong, but I don't think you'll mind too much! This chapter was such a mood-lifter after the super angsty chapter I just read of a different story. It's one of those where you've been reading the story and feel the need to keep reading it, even thought you're not sure you quite like it anymore. Quite a conundrum haha. Anyway, thanks for the update, hope you're having a good week!
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