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for Cat of the Fellowship

6/29 c57 9EleanorGardner
Aw, I loved this story! So beautiful!
6/27 c57 1rookie villain
Ya think we would mind another chapter?! Bruh, I miss them!

I loved it, and am looking forward to more :D
6/23 c57 13Kehlan
Not quite sure how someone can accept a human dying, talking to God and coming back as a cat in a fictional world, but complain about an elf becoming mortal...
I've really enjoyed this story. Is it real? No, of course not, but if I wanted reality I wouldn't be reading fantasy. I've loved your portrayal of Cat, Legolas and the Fellowship and your ingenuity and originality in dealing with the 10th walker scenario and making it your own.
Thank you for sharing this story.
6/12 c56 KittyFantastico22
Thank you so much for your wonderful writing, Mimi! This has become one if my most favourite fics and I look forward to reading more of your work. I would definitely read more of Kat and Legolas. Until next time,
Kitty xx
6/4 c56 Earthdragon
I had been enjoying this story. However, you have ruined it for me with this epilogue. Luthien's Gift was only given to Elwing's immediate family - something to do with the sacrifice made by Earendil when he spent his life sailing the heavens in Vingilot after calling on the Valar to help in the fight against Morgoth. Elwing and Earendil were given the choice of becoming immortal or remaining mortal - they chose immortality. The same choice was given to her children (Elrond and Elros) and grandchildren (Elrohir, Elladan and Arwen). It certainly would not have been available to Legolas, a full-blooded elf. It would have made more sense for Cat to have been reincarnated as an elf, in gratitude for her courage and assistance during her time with the Fellowship, as well as her bravery in protecting those children when she was 'killed' during her first life.
6/4 c56 Momochan77
I absolutely loved this story! It’s become one of my absolute favorites and I look forward to seeing more of your stories for the future! Till next time dearest friend!
6/4 c56 LairaCapulet
Thank you so much for the story. For having the patients to complete it and not abandon it. It was quite a unique and refreshing twist with a protagonist as a cat and made it fun to read. I had so much fun reading it.
6/4 c56 Xaiael
Of course I want more! Thank you for sharing a wonderful story! See you next story!
6/4 c56 1rookie villain
Welp... identitiy crisis occurs, imma go and cry in the corner brb

Will check out your other stories when I catch time, thank youso much for this journey, it was wonderful and made a lot of my days better. I don't even know how to express my thoughts and emotions right now, so just thank you 3

As for scenes, I would maybe like to see them as oneshots on your profile. I would like some shenaningans (probably misspelled it but yeaaaah) between Legolas and Kat and friends during their lifetime, or maybe AU where they were transported to live here, with Kat as a teacher. Or honestly, write whatever you want, I like your writing :)
6/3 c55 KittyFantastico22
Thank you so much for this wonderful fic. I've honestly had such a good time reading it. So much love for your writing! I love the happy ending and I'm excited for the epilogue. X
5/31 c55 15Katia0203
This chapter has so much sweetness that I think I have a cavity haha. Love the addition of the "mind communication" too! Was worried for a moment about how Thranduil would react, but really, any excuse for a party is good enough for him lol. I'm gonna miss these two hooligans *sniffle*
5/29 c55 LairaCapulet
Well every good story has to come to an end. But I'm always happy when there are epilogues. But uh Legolas! NEVER tell a girl she gained weight. In nine out of ten scenarios it won't end well.
Can't wait to read the last bit.
hope to read from you soon
5/29 c55 Momochan77
So happy! It’s been a brilliant story! While I’ll be sad to see it end it’s been an incredible journey! See you next update!
5/29 c55 1rookie villain
Omg so much happening here... Kat is preggo, right? Thats why she gained that weight. It must be.

Arwen drinking beer is my new headcannon fyi, also Despacito as an outro to the wedding. Also weding and also Thranduil and omg I love this. Can't wait for the epilogue, even though im really sorry for this to finish!
5/29 c55 Guest
So sad this will soon come to an end! Such a cute story! Love that thranduril was so accepting of their marriage.
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