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for Trans-Dimensional Tournament

5/30/2021 c1 3RonaldM40196867
That’s fun.
3/18/2021 c1 3F3nrisulfr171
I hope you continue this. It could be really awesome.
12/7/2020 c1 JackWhitenight
I'm really interested.
12/6/2020 c1 1CentauriousTheLightKing19
Hi I have a requested dbz story fanfiction that I want you to write ..

Note : I’d like to truthfully point out that I do not have an complete obsession or infatuation with any of the attractive female characters from the dragon ball series ( Amd I mean seriously I don’t ) so yeah nuff said about all that stuff . anyway , this an omnipotent self insert which is a parallel universe version of myself , being paired up with Towa herself ( Plus it will include every dragon ball super series arc and z arc ) , but the parallel universe me has slight changes to his appearance that is .

Basically he has a somewhat thinner jawline structure longer hair and a somewhat more muscular 6 pack body structure, plus he has dirty blond hair like I do , but his eyes are a darker shade of blue , oh and also he has grandparents and a mother and father like I do , but all of their names are actually different , plus my real name is hidden as well , because I don’t want to reveal too much about personal life that is , meaning he will go by Male Reader of this story , along with with the rest of his family’s names being Fredrick and Elizabeth , Aka mother and father , Samantha and Louis , who are his grandparents , but there true names ages and appearances will not be mentioned at all in this story itself ..

Another thing is that yes I know it is impossible for an fake omnipotent existing in someone’s dreams in our universe , to get into the real world after taking over their own body of course . but I’d like to let you know that it is possible in this AU ( or where fictional laws of physics apply only to make it 100 percent possible for it to happen / however the parallel version of me is the only one on the entire planet that has it inside his own lucid dreamscape / which gives you the power of omnipotent reality warping powers / or doing whatever you want in your dreams / oh and also the US government in this parallel version of our world / are completely crazy people with big egos on top of that

( plus the police officers in this alternate universe world are evil instead of good in this strange mirrored like dimension / in which the US government / soon learns of this demented creature inside his own head / after feeling a massive dark aura radiate across the entire country in which no one took notice of it except them / resulting in his own innocent elder family being murdered by those horrible people in own household

( Please note that I truthfully do note hate my own family / I actually love them with my very own / like a true family member always would ) / in the US country of southeastern desert resulting in whatever twisted entity destroying his own home planet with a massive shockwave , throwing it into a cold ice age , a pure evil being of which is heartless and pure evil in nature to the absolute core itself , that his own evilness rivals that of Kid Buu from dbz itself / Including Janemba / or maybe even simply outclasses them both in the pure evil department / plus omnipotent power on top of of that / oh and also when you make him furious / his anger and wrath is very similar to that of god from the Old Testament / plus revelations and Armageddon / including Noah’s ark / literally no offense to religious people out there / including any fanfiction authors out there that’s if any of guys you do follow it / including you as well author / anyway / my oc Alex is both a very decent and nice person to hang around with / Aka one of kindest and most giving people ever / but becomes crazy as a loon when any type of twisted villain in the dbz verse tries to do something horrible to his friends and lover Towa which will make him invoke his own wrath upon them / until he is calmed down that is / however once he finally gets rid of the evil entity within himself / then he will truthfully become just a normal person from our own world in the dbz universe / but with omnipotent power on top of that so yeah nuff said )

( resulting in the evil entity going into a dormant like state sleep , in which Alex decides to leave his own dead home planet

( Aka dimensional traveling teleportation / portal crafting ) , by teleporting himself to the dragon ball series universe ( Aka the past / long before Dragon ball Online ,DB Heroes , and xenoverse’s Story began ) Using his own powers to suppress his own absolutely infinite power and aura down to the level of a normal human , so that no one can even know of his own existence

( including the grand priest and the two Omni kings )

and see him as a potentially massive intergalactic threat right of the bat . However , one world quickly grabs the immortal deities attention , and that is the demon realm , within that strange unique dimension , a certain young Demoness quickly catches his own eyes and attention , named Towa herself . such a fine and intelligent young lady with a historical background behind her , that could sadly , only end in death and tragedy itself due to blind love , for her own creation , known as Mira himself ..

But a simple all powerful , and all knowing cosmic being such as him , wasn’t going to let tragic history , repeat itself all over again for the poor demoness . He would never allow such a cruel fate to happen to her yet again .. Not even the supreme Kai of time had the power to alter the fate of mankind itself .. He was so far beyond her own power , that it was basically like comparing apples and oranges .. If he had to use his own power to save the blue elf eared woman from dying a such a horrible death , then so be it . He simply didn’t care if he angered , or annoyed the gods of destruction themselves of this fictional universe . they were simply full of arrogance and pure pride their own godly power .. yet he could single handily annihilate all of the male gods and their own angel attendants , including their father in one fell swoop with an instantaneous thought . But knowing him and how much of nice guy he was . Alex was far to merciful to do such an evil and cruel destructive act , even though the evil voice in his own urged him to do so , yet he denied his own demonic doppelgängers sadistic suggestion to him ..

Main Pairing : Male Reader ( Alex ) x Towa ( and maybe Adult Chronoa / that’s if you want to make the story pairing a love triangle of course / or a single pairing / its 100% your decision really ) .

Genre : Drama / Romance

Story Rating : T - M ( only becomes M when evil dbz villains attempt to harm his eventual friends and family / because that’s when stuff gets dark real quick / due to the violent nature of his evil half within his own mindscape / plus there is no Lemons in this story / except passionate kissing and fluff moments / and maybe make out sessions as well )

Title : Dragon Ball Super : The Unrivaled Mortal Who Came From Another Parallel Multiverse

Summary : Ever since the day she had created Mira . Towa was always being watched by an all powerful deity in the shadows , but yet , nobody could even sense his own presence inside her own lab room , due to his vastly infinite power, masking his own true physical and non corporeal appearance to all onlookers eyes themselves except her . It was like he was everywhere and nowhere at the same time , along with vast pools of endless knowledge of knowing the entire laws of physics and nature itself , plus every known outcome of the future , you name it . However, Towa knew of the tragic death awaiting her at the very end of the tunnel to true darkness itself and many other terrible things that awaited her and her own goal of reviving the demon realm , including a very special reward waiting for her at the very end , if she happened to overcome her inner demons that dwelled within her own mind body and soul , along with her own blind love for Mira himself , . But what is that very special reward you ask ? . Well . Read and find out .

PS : One last thing I forgot to mention about my male oc character is that he is neither a Mary Sue or a Gary Stu and I’m 100% trying not to make it seem as if has that type of personality itself .

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