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4/10 c23 codeninja676
I swear Yang has always been dumb but post Volume 3 her brain just completely left the building.
4/10 c20 codeninja676
If the person Watts is talking to is Blake she deserves whatever consequences she gets, she's been given way too many chances since Volume 1 and she just keeps spitting on the face of everyone that helps her.
4/10 c17 codeninja676
I'm sure others have mentioned it but Naruto has used the Rinnegan more than against the ace ops, he also used it when protecting Robyn in Mantle.
4/10 c13 codeninja676
Watts dies, painfully.
4/4 c23 1GideonBlackthorn
really liking this fuc but yang being this bullheaded is starting to physically hurt. will she eventually remove head from ass or no?
3/27 c23 Sinn3r
Nice. Although,we haven't een much of Winter lately, that's a little odd.
3/25 c23 N2
Please continue.
3/17 c23 1yindragonkiba
This is a excellent story loving it thus far
3/17 c23 healeroffates
Love your work! Can't wait to read more! :D
3/11 c23 BurntFace
Love the story, kinda got scared that it was discontinued. My stupid ass forgot to look at the latest update and it was recent. Looking forward to the future chapters!
3/6 c23 I. P. Frealy
great chapter!
3/6 c23 Hate us
Yang really needs to see the reality
3/3 c23 Afro1Ninja8
These previews be giving me goosebumps, cant wait to see them happen
3/3 c23 Cool Mint
Excellent work as always. I originally took the time to watch RWBY just so I could keep reading your works and am glad I did.
3/3 c23 9The Infamous 1
Love the chapter. Funny as hell to see even when Yang gets why Raven left she still gets it wrong, failing to see the difference between an immoral whose trickle truth for centuries vs a one life military general who basically laid all his cards on the table from the get go.
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