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10/30/2023 c21 blazingshade3
Awesome. Next chapter when?
10/17/2023 c21 Bear Of Wars
are you going to continue this beautiful work of art
10/6/2023 c21 Homoplaton
Muy buen capitulo
9/26/2023 c21 A
Great job loved this story as well it is amamzing
Thank you
9/17/2023 c21 S290138
9/11/2023 c21 Guest
Definitely a story to admire :D
8/23/2023 c21 11Prustan
Well, after finishing the reread, looking forward to how it all goes down. Ruby joining in with Penny, Ciel, and Winter was a little surprising, but not unwelcome.
Eagerly waiting for Watts getting his comeuppance, and Hazel getting a 'Talk no Jutsu'.
8/23/2023 c8 Prustan
In the middle of rereading after a long break, and I just wanted to say that I'm not surprised people thought Steel/Ciel was Phyrra (I was one of them, great red herring), given the nightmares that Watts was hacking into her consciousness. It made sense that someone who died at the top of a collapsing tower would have flashbacks to it. Having her instead be one of Penny's teammates (and the only one we got any information on IIRC) was a clever twist.
8/6/2023 c21 Guest
Good story perhaps think about extending you chapters a bit more last couple of chapters seem rushed.
7/26/2023 c21 aguastar
Une of my favourites
7/23/2023 c1 akirathewolflord
Looking forward to the next chapter, curious about winters excellerated pregnancy, not gonna lie, and I'm guessing Kurama was released from the seal and has been lying low all this, looking forward to the return kcm
7/17/2023 c8 haza10411
this is truly a fun story keep up the fantastic work and I hope you feel well
7/15/2023 c21 yatelo106
I'm rereading this chapter, and... is Naruto going to die? I'm really getting that foreshadowing now. I had a few thoughts before, but now I see it often. Please don't give this too bad of an ending.
7/15/2023 c21 RGFJ
Great job.
7/14/2023 c21 N2
Looking forward to more.
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