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3/1 c23 7Dragon Blaze-X
Love this as always
3/1 c23 Kamori I'm The Infinity
Aah, I missed this story.
I will look forward to the next Magnificent chapter Mr. Neon!
3/1 c23 LoamyCoffee
Very good. Spicy~
I worry that Mettle may be adapting to those pills, if he's taking so many. Hopefully, the dose can be heightened without killing him.
Now, Blake and Yang are characters I hold no illusions about.
Used to like them quite a bit, but they've devolved into mere shadows of who they could've been.
I can see Blake, begrudgingly working with them but Yang, I unfortunately had expected from the start to try and run.
Good job, Penny.
3/1 c23 HurZysn
thanks for the update neon. looking forward to the next
3/1 c23 ethan.lukkar
magnificent chapter can't wait for more please update soon
3/1 c23 4warrior of six blades
Damn, really glad Naruto gave James some method of restraining his semblance from affecting his mentality and have a day off. While Blake is somewhat coming around, but sadly...Yang is too far gone, about to pull a Raven herself all because she can't accept the fact SHE is the one in the wrong here about how she is seeing things.
3/1 c23 fallendemon248
Damn for a moment there I thought Yang would end up with Blake and naruto would convince the two of them to help him but I guess not. So can we get a quick list of who’s on the harem at this point.
3/1 c23 CrownKingNothing
3/1 c23 1R-king 93
Awesome chapter
3/1 c23 Spacecore94
Robin and James sitting in a tree~!
3/1 c23 38-bit thief
Goody. Makes me wonder what would happen if this instance of team RWBY ended up in the Ever After somehow. Oh, that would be a sight to see. Keep those fingers typing Neon, keep them typing.
3/1 c23 3OmniIBIBUltraInstinctGodzilla
Apparently Naruto got rizzed by Neo, and you actually used the term rizzed, Neon. Sly fox you!

Blake seems to be reasonable, but Yang, oh Yang, what an absolute idiot she has become. A hopeless cause if ever. No different from Raven really.

Yes, Penny, Yang's harem privileges have been revoked permanently and frankly, with how toxic and vile she is, Yang does not deserve to be in anyone's harem, let alone Naruto's growing harem, hmph!
3/1 c23 9OniTenshi500
Glad to see an update. Quick question though. I know that the girls already know Blake left the White Fang, but will they learn that the exact specific time she left was in the middle of a raid when it was her turn to kill innocent people?
3/1 c23 2AlgusSadalfas
Oooh, I’ve been waiting for this one to update! I won’t lie, there’s a sick part of me that takes comfort in Yang & Blake’s displeasure of the situation they’re in and I do so enjoy Naruto and his allies getting over them. Looking forward to the next update.
3/1 c23 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter continue please.
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