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for Akame ga kill!: The truth

9/9/2021 c2 Exodus12345
That sounds stupid. Going to have to stop here.
7/27/2021 c6 15NinjaFang1331
Nice work
7/27/2021 c6 20jedi7000nathan
Excellent chapter and- Poor Aria; man Tatsumi must be really struggling internally and wondering why the hell why she was a monster in his nightmare. But considering the fact that her kidnapping was what got him, Sayo, and Ieyasu knocked into a coma by her kidnapper's truck that would explain why his subconscious might blame her for everything wrong in his life in his nightmare.
And Ogre was responsible well some things don't change regardless of realities, Seryu must be pissed about this speaking of I wonder what she is up to, I bet she's the school hall monitor and Koro is her pet still. I'm surprised to see Pais and Ritone as news reporters, will Pais be in the harem? Anyway, this was a solid chapter I'm also glad to see your grammar is improving; I'll cut you some slack on that because my grammar has a habit of not being the best.
5/17/2021 c1 2matthewchambers000
It's the 17th now, so voting has come to a close
5/6/2021 c5 20jedi7000nathan
Good chapter; also I don't think shipping Sayo with Ieyasu is a good idea; Tatsumi actually loved Sayo as is made quite apparent in flashbacks in both the anime and manga, also I'm fairly certain the two are siblings: I'm ok with Kurome and Wave but Sayo with Ieyasu; nope especially given how in Empire's End they actually are siblings.
5/6/2021 c5 2matthewchambers000
pretty much the voting end at the 17th of may with Leone being in the harem or not.
5/3/2021 c4 Eldemonioculto
We are already in May and you still do not upload the chapter: 'v leaf it and take it out soon and do not let it die
3/28/2021 c4 Guest
Welcome back, great job with the chapter looking forward for the next one
3/28/2021 c4 A Pleased Reader
Keep up the good work. I expect the good chapters keep coming soon.
3/28/2021 c4 20jedi7000nathan
I'm glad to see the next chapter, so Najenda has the hots for Tatsumi, good to know I'm not the only person that has shipped her with him in a harem like in Empire's End, hell if Lubbock wants to write a manga just go with Empire's End's plotline and everybody in this world's timeline will enjoy it. I wonder what Leone has planned, Leone being Leone means that could be ANY number of things. Also, I'm guessing Chelsea's last name is Oarburgh and her sisters Merraid and Taeko are still alive and well. I wonder when Aria will show up I'm looking forward to that solely due to me wondering how she is in Tatsumi's real life and how he managed to get such a warped perspective in his dream also can she be part of the harem? Anyway this was a good chapter and looking forward to the next one I'm hoping you'll do a good job and I don't worry about how long it will take to write take your time I didn't write Empire's End in one sitting, it is a labor of love that took me a year and a half to write
3/28/2021 c4 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent job and great work with the story
3/10/2021 c3 Eldemonioculto
another fanfiction that died a few days later
2/27/2021 c1 Guest
This is a great concept and i love the story so far. Hope you will keep updating it.
1/12/2021 c3 20jedi7000nathan
Questions still abound; ok Tatsumi just accept her love for you; go the harem route and you'll be fine it worked out perfectly in Empire's End. Now all he needs to do is figure out about Aria, the question is she real or a figment of the dream world; hopefully, she's real and just a very nice rich girl, I bet also that Cosmina is a famous popstar and that Seryu is the school hall monitor with a crush on Tatsumi
1/9/2021 c2 Eldemonioculto
hey when you upload the continuation
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