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1/27 c58 qwertyuiop123214685
great story, please update!
Oooo let's see the chaos Hayden will cause
1/18 c58 MautDews
Hayden's going to break down all that old world ideas of Orion
1/18 c58 KrixLight
wait. what? what's up with that last line! nooooo! is it foreshadowing. I don't like cliffhanger. I was so interested in the trial and the meeting happening tomorrow.

thank you for the chapter though.
1/18 c58 5Mrs.Potter-Black-Riddle-Malfoy
1/16 c58 shreyamangal2003
It was such a sweet chapter...I loved it
1/16 c58 percabethfamily
this is perfect, it's cute and... adorable!
1/16 c58 Claire
It's amazing
1/15 c58 lamontannette769
I love seeing more of just them it shows a strong foundation and trust that they have built it’s also just cute
1/15 c58 Wellone
Hello. I love this chapter that was lovely I think. Just Hayden abd Orion talking and working. That was like a window in their futur relationship. Have a great day.
1/15 c58 Rissa Pallan
I love this story so much! I've been following for ages getting excited every time you gift us a new chapter. I love the relationship between hayden and orion, how they work things out
1/15 c58 1mayawene
Thank you
1/15 c58 6ChiruKaio
A lovely chapter as always.
I trully hope to see the meeting with Longbottom and the Wizengamot. Even through Harry already was on the Wizengamot in The Contract I think this time is is completly different. After all now they also will see an adult and not only think that someone is behind Harry to push for change.

Also with Tom getting a new chance ... I think it could be interessting how this will evolve. This time as himself rather than just a shadow.
1/15 c58 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
1/15 c58 Guest
I love it , thanks for the chapter !
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