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8m c31 APMoM
Wow great chapter.I didn’t see that coming! I was wondering why Hadrian didn’t seem to be aware of danger in the last chapter! I’m not so sure Tom had 4 horcruxes at that point but … it works! I hope he takes the advice.
BTW you promised a new chapter of The Leader in the new year… just sayin’
26m c31 Charlotte Mattox
i cant wait to see what happens next!
3h c31 Lina
Update please!
3h c31 2Alianna15
Wow! Harry has a really big heart to just giving back Tom his soul and not just destroying him...
7h c31 Guest
Tom retrouve ses esprits avec ses émotions et il se rend compte de ce qu’il a fait à cause de sa chasse aux horcruxes comme tué sa famille restante. Il se rend aussi compte qu’il a toujours espéré trouver une famille qui l’accepte. Et il se dit qu’avec Hayden il a une chance de connaître les joies d’avoir une famille et d’être accepté par elle.
Love this story, because Harry is not only trying to redeem Tom but is being healed from all he has suffered by Orion
8h c31 9Stuck.in.Wonderland.8510
I absolutely love this story. I still think that Tom is going to be really messed up after he's healed. Because he can't love and doesn't know love... So that could be interesting. I am excited to see how Orion reacts to Hayden's story... I hope that Orion is open-minded and will not disappoint Hayden/Harry. I can't wait to read more. Update soon!
11h c31 Guest
I loved the chapter! It is completely understandable that Tom is not as powerful as he likes to be. I mean he is half mad right now! The knights trust him ish? I mean they are seeing him fall into madness slowly so I can understand them being like oh no Mom and Dad are going to punish us! I think it is perfect that they left with tails between their legs. I wonder if Tom will make more Horcruxes or will he become a hermit and hide and self evaluate himself? I feel like he got a lot of info from Harry right now and might just go crazy from what he saw. Become a massive paranoid mess in the woods somewhere. Maybe pull a Wanda and live in Albania in a cabin peacefully with some orchards till Dumbledore tries something?
I love that outcome. Now Harry had to tell orion everything
13h c31 NaRuKo-InuTaiSHo-XD
A really exciting chapter.
Looking forward to the next chapter.
14h c31 6ChiruKaio
I am not sure how I want this to going on with Tom. I could imagine that he would be hurt at first and maybe even distrustfull. But I also could imagine that he wants to get as far away from Peverell as possible and at the same time want to get closer to him. Maybe become am apprentice? They should be close in age but maybe with Hadrians help he could trully master the Dark Arts. Or will it go the other way ... would he align himself worh Dumbledore... no not possible. But give him an anonymous hint? Yes ... even if I am not sure who would be more hurt by it Dumbledore or Peverell. He didn't steal the heirloom.
15h c31 Guest
WOOOO AMAZING CHAPTER. Can’t wait for the next one! I’m hesitant to know how Orion will react but it can’t all be bad, right? huhu
17h c31 Yana5
Hahahaha go Harry. Thank you for the chapter
18h c31 1mayawene
Thank you
18h c31 percabethfamily
wonderful part! and yeah, I understand the 20 tabs, even I have those many while I try to write.
I am an awful author, so I don't post my stories yet.
but I love your writing and inspire to write like you.
take care!
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