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5/27 c76 Guest
Love how things are coming together to block Dumbledore from gaining the kind of power base he enjoyed in Hayden's original timeline. Am hoping the the Potter family manages to escape his influence as it doesn't seem to lead anywhere positive for them. And would absolutely love to hear what Euphemia tells her husband now that she's got a captive audience.

Am very glad to hear you're healing; burns are the absolute worst! Hope you have a speedy recovery. I imagine when you decide you're ready to make pasta again, you'll be super careful and hyper aware of the hot water. Be well!

Thanks for sharing!
5/27 c76 lala
Superbe !
5/27 c76 R
Watch and don't let it get infected. My mom had grease burns all over her stomach and legs when I was 13. She got in the tub and I poured all the ice we had in with her. With summer coming up, you're going to need really light clothes that will not irritate the scars, maybe cotton that wraps around.

Take care and if you don't mind I will ask my guardian angel to look out for you too.
14h c76 3Zeenath and Moiira
5/27 c76 Guest
Gracias por la actualizaciĆ³n,adoro la historia
5/28 c76 3Anavas88
Love that! Hope he wakes it up
5/28 c76 BRICKDUST
I'm still loving this story more and ... I can't wait for updates x
5/28 c76 17DS2010
Euphemia is a hoot I love her lines
5/28 c76 Careena1
Thanks for the update
5/28 c76 9WyrdSmith
Brava! So enjoyably satisfying.
5/28 c76 3Foxy-Floof
Wow... This was an amazing chapter. The snowball of change has finally come together, and it's just starting to roll a bit in earnest. I'm SO EXCITED!
5/27 c76 Maanii
speechless cant wait for the next update
5/27 c76 1lilashannah
I love and hate you at the same time. A cliffy? really? excuse me wile i go and scream at the top of my lung into a pillow. another amazing chapter.
5/27 c76 2A.A.wasker
Omg is that fate ? Like i just finished my finals and reached to the last chapter , thinkingit would be nice to see near update especially that im hooked into the storyand boom a new chapter! Omg i cant stop hyping, this will be my read for the night time <3
5/27 c76 mizzrazz72
Harry is cutting Dumbledore's wings fast.
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