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3/20 c2 dogefan197204
Why do I get a feeling that Luz is trying to become a Ghostbuster
5/3/2022 c4 Guest
2/4/2021 c4 EthanielDomvoisthe4th
1/14/2021 c8 WolvesRock14
Whoop! Time to learn about Creepy Luz and Villain Amity! :3

Alador Blight stared at the bookcase that sat behind his desk, his amber eyes scanning the immaculate order of volumes that were part of his collection. — Oooo, opening with Papa Blight.

"For all we know, she could be galavanting off with that Park girl or the human. If she is seen with them it could ruin us." — Ugh. Get off your high horse already, lady. *rolls eyes*

"If Amity knows what is good for her and the human, she will not let it happen. They are young and reckless, any excitement that may exist between them will soon go away. Eventually, they will realize it is nothing and end it." — Oh, how wrong you are there.

"It was using the shadows to hide, but I could see it as plain as if it were out in the open. If this creature has chosen to watch over our daughter, for reasons I cannot yet fathom why, we will need to be careful." — Oh shit. That’s not good.

"If that creature is what I believe it is, then Amity's relationship with it may just help solve a mystery of our family's link to that cursed place. I am not about to miss the chance to find the answer to the question...” — Hmm. *worry intensifies*

Very rarely did she get to show her true form, and that was but a hint the roc had seen. That was something she did not want the witchlings to know about yet. No matter what monsters they had faced in the past, nor what they would face in the future, it was a side of the Ghost Host she knew was best to be left unseen. — Oh?

But now that she was back in her domain, it was time to return to the official role of the Ghost Host, and address the business of two certain spirits that had made an appearance that night. — *eyes emoji*

It was a canvas on which many spells had been performed and many formulas created, and one Ghost Host hoped would service what she had planned. — And what plan might that be, I wonder?

"You said you wanted us to find the deed, where else were we to look?"
"Not when it involves putting the lives of those witchlings at risk. They saw your faces, they know who you are." — My curiosity has reached its peak now.

"Titan Nox, why didn't you follow my instructions? You were to sneak in, unnoticed, and look for the deed. Now that the witchlings know about you, you'll have to be more careful. The both of you," her eyes slid to the other girl. "And you're not off the hook either, Amara." — Curiouser and curiouser.

Their appearances were close enough that Ghost Host felt they could easily pass off as the older sisters of Luz and Amity... — Beta designs?! :-D
Also, love their names. I especially like Nox’s name being the opposite of Luz’s in meaning.

"For now though, I will ask the two of you to assist me with this spell. Since we have the essence of the Ghosts of Slithermas, we'll be one step closer to catching those who escaped and returning them to the Chaos Realm. Permanently." — *eyes emoji again*

"The future is something we all have to face on our own," ... "If I would have been with them, then they would not have learned anything. It was not my future that was in danger of coming true, therefore, I did what I had to do...” — I mean, she has a point.

A bright violet glow flashed in the haze and all three turned their gaze to the disk where, hovering over the dead center, was a glyph. — Huh. Wonder what that’s gonna do.

The Wish was still cradled in her hands, beating like a tiny heart of warmth and magic. She could not stop staring at the Wish, even when she felt Luz walk up from behind and rest her chin on her shoulder, her eyes did not leave the glowing star. — Once again, my heart. *clutches chest*

"I have no idea what you're talking about, but," Amity bumped her forehead against Luz's and smiled. "It's cute to listen to you talk about your weird human ways." — Adorable dorks, the both of them.

When the screen flashed to life to show an image of a cluster of trees with strange images painted on their trunks, Luz did a small victory dance. — Ah, The Nightmare Before Christmas. A classic.

"No, we don't, but that would have made it a whole lot easier. Those characters are made out of clay molded onto tiny metal skeletons that are moved frame by frame. It's super complicated, but looks so cool!" — I agree with you, Luz. Claymation/stop-motion animation is amazing.

"Oh please," Amity shoved her. "Why would anyone want to live in a musical?"
Luz stared at her as if she had just thrown away the latest copy of her Azura collection. "Are you kidding me? Breaking out into song to express how you feel? Turning your space into a dance room? It'd be the ultimate dream come true!" — Why do I feel like these word are gonna come back to haunt her. XD

"It's just funny that you want to smell like a walking candy store. If someone gets too close to you, they might get a cavity." — I’m gonna end up being the one with a cavity from all the tooth rotting fluff going on here.

"As long as we believe in each other, the Wish will stay intact. Nothing in this world, or any, will be able to break it." — *wipes away a happy tear* Gods, I love them.

As accepting as the Owl Lady was of their budding romance, she would not be so thrilled to see them in such a compromising position. Or she would just tease them mercilessly. Probably both. — Definitely both.

Amity felt Luz scoot closer to her back and her ears flattened against her head. "You're a dork." — Yeah, but she your dork. :3

A soft purr rumbled in her chest and she smiled, covering Luz's hand with her own.
It really was the best Slithermas ever. — My heart is very happy right now. I’m smiling like a loon. :-P

Okay, so I obviously have quite a few questions about all that happened at the beginning of the chapter, but honestly, I’m too blissed out on fluff to really care about worrying about them. XD
I’m already hyped for part three and the return of Owls Apprentice. But for now, enjoy your break, and I will see you when you return. :-)
1/14/2021 c7 WolvesRock14
And continuing on with chapter seven.

In a few short moments, the interior of Blight Manor was just as prim and proper as it looked when Luz had arrived that afternoon. — Wish I could do that spell. Actually, I wish I could do magic in general. XD

As much as she wanted to go back to the party to enjoy it now that everything was over, she just could not find the excitement to do so. — Understandable but still. :-(

The future Luz had dreamed of ever since she and Amity had confessed to each other, imagining what their lives would be like now that they were together, everything she could ever want was ruined. — Stupid Ghost of Slithermas Future.

Even when she tried to listen to Gus' explanation of creating a giant Christmas Popper - she had to correct him when he called it a pepper - to defeat their enemies. — Ah. So that was his plan.

Gus nodded, but his words seemed to stick in his throat. Whatever it was he wanted to say, Luz had the feeling he did not want to in front of her. — Uuuuggghhhh. But I wanna knoooooow.

They witnessed a future that they want to share together as a living nightmare born from their fears, though they did not know it. To see those fears brought to life, to come face to face with them, it taints even the purest of minds." — I swear, I’d punch Future myself for he did.

"That will be entirely up to them. Gus told me who it was you fought while we were dealing with Future."
"Creepy Luz and Villain Amity?" — Ooooo!

"Oh, I wouldn't say that," a voice crackled from the side, making Willow turn to see a familiar red demon standing nearby. "If you've made the proper deals with the right demons, then you can make your problems disappear." — Hey, Alastor’s back!

Also, I am loving the backstory between him and GH.

"You are a kind one, Willow, and a very powerful witch. Never change." — Willow, I love you.

She would just have to find a way to tell her mami the truth that she would want to stay in the demon realm and graduate from Hexside with Willow and Gus and...Amity. — And there goes my heart feeling feelings again.

"You thought I left." She finished the sentence, guilt washing over her at having the same idea just moments ago. — Uugghhhh. Feeliiiingssss.

"So, we saw some pretty weird stuff back there, huh? Us being married, having a kid, you working for the emperor. Sounds like some wacky AU fan fic biz, right?" — Gotta admit, it would be a fic I would not mind reading. XD

"No," sniffled Amity. "It's not okay Luz. You are worth more than anything or anyone on the Boiling Isles, even all the magic in the world. Why would you think that you're not worth it to me? I'm the one who isn't worthy of you." — Feeling like I might cry, but yes. Talk about your feelings. Communication is important.

"Right. And that when you told me you wanted to be with me, a quirky human goofball, I asked if you were being honest."
"I was."
"And so am I. Amity,"... — Yep, okay. Here come the tears.

The look Amity gave her was one of absolute surprise, which would have made the moment a tender one if not for the fact her face was the perfect impression of a tomato. — And now I’m laughing while I’m crying. XD

"And the only one I'd ever want at my side, both here and in the human world, is you." — And my heart is melting into a pile of goo again.

"You're worth everything to me, and I would never think of leaving you. I gave you a Slithermas branch because I wanted to show you how much you mean to me, because I love you Amity Blight." — Yep. I’m dead now. I’ve died from too much cute, heartwarming wholesomeness.

"You can purr?" Smiling so wide it almost hurt, Luz tugged Amity so their noses were touching. — YAY! I love purring Amity. :3

She was not going to let that get in the way of spending her time with Amity the way she wanted to, and she would make sure Amity knew it. — :-)

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Boscha waved a hand to cut her off and began to push the girls to the door. "Stop being so sentimental and get out of here before Mamma and Papa Blight try to stop you." — Ah, Boscha. I adore you’ve written her character, btw.

So, Luz just simply watched the land pass beneath them as it changed from forest to the outskirts of Bonesborough and then, wait, Hexside? Now why would Rex be taking them...her eyes widened.
Oh Ghost Host, you little stinker. — Is Grom recreation time! Minus the fear bringing monster this time though.

"I was not!" Amity huffed, her cheeks going pink at the sly grin Luz fixed on her.
"Oh really? Then what was that you said before the grudgby match? Something about running around in cute uniforms and sweating?" — Adorable dorks are adorkable. :3

"I think," Luz's voice dropped to a whisper as she pulled Amity close, her breath tickling her ear. "Ghost Host is giving us a dance for the zenith." — *is happy* :-)

"Yeah, and I mean it every time. So, I hope you're okay that I'm going to keep saying it to you for the rest of our lives." Luz grinned at the blush painted on Amity's cheeks when she pulled away to look at her. — They so freaking cute! I can’t.

It was nothing heated and passionate, nor was it quick and chaste, it was just simply a kiss. Tender and full of love, Luz could taste the sweet salty tang of tears as Amity slipped her arms back around her neck. — Daw, my heart.

"Luz," Amity's voice was barely above a whisper as she held the star up for her to see. "It's my Wish." — I am having so many Feelings! So so many Feelings.

My freaking heart, dude. It is so so so happy right now. I literally cannot stop smiling like a goof. :-P
That ending note has me scrambling to read the next chapter though, so let’s get to that, yeah? XD
1/14/2021 c6 WolvesRock14
Whoo! Yes, finally reading this! Prepare for those three full chapter reviews I promised. I’ve delayed myself in reading this for far too long already, so let’s get started!

"We mean," Edric said slowly. "They're gone. Luz, Mittens, Ghost Host, we didn't see any of them. " — Well, that’s worrisome.

She had not taken two steps before a crash came from the main entrance, like something ramming against the doors. — And that definitely does not sound good.

A final crash erupted as the doors were flung open and a blast of icy-cold wind flew through the room, sinking its claws into the witchlings' skin, raising goose bumps along their exposed flesh. — Oh yeah. Definitely not good.

"A communication spell," she whispered to him when he gave her a perplexed look. — Oooo, go Skara.

Slowly, Gus and Skara lifted their eyes to stare up at the figure looming over them.
"Holy Titan…" — Ugh, scene cliffhanger.

“... This spirit holds the power to show you what your future would be if your greatest nightmare came true. All we need to do is find Luz, help her realize that what she is seeing is nothing but an illusion, and bring her back." — Well that sounds easy enough, yeah? Yeah.

Her eyes snapped open. Both her hands were free. The Ghost Host was not with her. — Uh oh.

"I'm sorry Amity, but it appears this is a fight I cannot help you win." — :-(

"No one knows what the future will be like. That's why it is the one thing we all fear; the fear of the unknown...” — This line. Very true.

“...But only you can control what your future will be. Not your parents, not your siblings, not the Isles, and not some sick spectre who only delights in twisting your heart's desire to its worst nightmare...” — Whoo! Yes! Man, GH sure can give one heck of a pep talk.

"Find your light." — Am I starting to tear up? Yes, yes I am.

Unless someone had mastered both a time-travel spell and mind-control at the same time, but Gus highly doubted that was the case. — Okay, curious.

"But Gus," Willow glanced worriedly at the door. "How can we fight if the enemies are, well..." — Are what? Are what?! Come on! Finish your sentence!

"Luz told me about a bunch of human customs used for their holidays and I think I know just the one to help us. We're going to need some wrapping paper, cardboard, and confetti. Lots of confetti." — Hmmm. What are you planning, Gus?

The land she flew over did not ease her anxiety; it was the bleakest place she had ever seen. It was like flying through a living canvas, but everything was painted in the drabbest grey imaginable... — Well. The world being in gray is always a good sign, ain’t it. *she said sarcastically*

A hooded figure dressed in ashen-white robes surrounded by a vortex of icy wind. — Ominous.

Something in the corner of the doodle caught Amity's eye and she squinted at it to get a better look. Immediately, all the blood rushed from her face.
Aurora Blight-Noceda. — Alright, so it’s that kind of future.

Though both women looked like they had not seen sleep for many hours, they stared down at the tiny infant clutching Luz's finger in the smallest hand Amity had ever seen. — I can feel my heart melting from the cuteness. Now I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

It was all so perfect. How could any of this be a twisted future where everything was wrong?
It was never enough. — :-(

No matter what she did, you could never let go of the fear that one day she would grow tired of you and return to her home realm. — Ah. Ow.

So, you turned to another option, one that would grant you the power and resources to make sure your human could never leave your side. — Bad feeling bad feeling bad feeling.

A cold, dark, unforgiving space that felt more like a cell, until Amity saw a trembling figure chained to the wall, hunched in a ball in the corner. This was a cell. —Shiiiiit.

It was then Amity knew who that mask belonged to, and she felt Rex slip from her grasp and clatter to the floor. — Oh fuck. Fucking shit. Not good. Not good at all.

"Well, I'm not going to let you run back to your smelly little world anymore. I'm going to make sure you stay here forever, a permanent fixture for all of the Boiling Isles to see." — *screams internally*

Amity blinked and pulled back, raising a dubious eyebrow. "Why are you all grown up?"
As if blinking out of a dream, Luz looked down at herself and back up at Amity, raising her hands in a jazz motion. "I...uh...magic?" — How dare you make me laugh right now! (But in actuality, thank you. That was the perfect tension cutter, and some much needed levity.)

Almost there…Amity squinted at the tiny speck of glowing light she knew to be their way back home. Almost…
A gale force wind crashed into them from the side and the two girls went tumbling into the forest below... — Gah! So close! But they’re not out of the woods yet.

You just had to ruin it, didn't you? — Man, fuck you, Future.

Amity jumped as she felt Luz reach up and, to her complete confusion, unzip the backpack she was wearing to shuffle around inside. — *Gasp!* Is gift giving time?

Luz stared up at her with those wide puppy-dog eyes, sticking out her lower lip in a pout. — None can resist the Luz Puppy Pout.

The swirling vortexes collapsed to the ground, raining dirt and gravel on the shield Luz quickly summoned for protection from Rex and, when they both turned to look for Future, the spectre had vanished. — Ah, the power of love. Also yes, I am grinning like a dork rn.

It will never be. A human and a witch will never love each other. You are doomed. — Well, you have clearly not been paying attention to them at all.

"Remind me again why I decided to do this?"
Wincing, Luz lifted her head to grin cheekily up at Ghost Host. "Because you wuv us?"
"Oh yes, that's why." — *snorts* I am once again grinng like an idiot.

...a blast of confetti was shot out from a gigantic canon-like object... — Is that a party cannon? XD

"Sorry about that you guys, while you were gone we had to fight some...very weird baddies." — Was it the three of them but, like, evil shadow versions or something? I wanna knoooooow.

"Oh my dear Edric and Emira Blight, now you have to have learned that by now," the demon lifted a clawed hand, middle finger and thumb pressed together. "There's always my way." And snapped her fingers. — Yay, catchphrase! :-D

Whew! What a chapter! Gotta admit, I did not see that future coming, but boy did it give me all the feels. And you better believe that I loved reading it.

Alright! On to the next chapter!
1/2/2021 c8 2R-Doll
Another holiday Owl House fanfiction completed. While I do wish secretly it was longer, the short length of this is acceptable. After all, holiday specials are typically stand-alone or episodic. I find the Blights to be charming in a dastardly way. The interaction between Alador and Odalia was intriguing, crafty, and surprising. Part of me agrees with Alador on Lumity. There's a chance that Luz and Amity could eventually fall out, or have a spat down the road. However, I like to believe love will persist with these two. And you know, Lumity shipping for the win! I think that Ghost of Future must have taken some of the Blight parent's influence to twist that 'reality' that Luz and Amity had to face on their own

Alador's perceptive visual and magical insight on the Nowhere Demon's presence was surprising. It figures the Blights would keep record of demons and witch families past and present. Actually seeing the Nowhere demon was a bit shocking. I do like to see more of the Blight and Pandor mystery explored in the future now that it's been hinted. I hope Alador will stand by his daughter. Really both parents when Amity makes a claim of her path.

Amara and Nox? First, I love how you incorporated the beta designs of Amity and Luz. Shapeshifting misfits and assistants to Mezzanotte. Hello loveable goofs/comic relief. I thought these two were just loose manifestations that the Ghost of Future let loose to distract team Owlet. To think these two demons of chaos were getting blasted with confetti. The lab itself is both a wonder to imagine and a nice plot device to reveal interesting developments. The place carries a lot of weight for Mezzanotte and the world-building you've developed. I'm not sure if Mr Gracie was an allusion to the Haunted Mansion(movie) lore, but it was a pleasant touch.

Lumity certainly have been through a lot tonight. Quick tangent to ch 7, Alastor's conversation with Willow and GH was a blast. The essence of that chat was chilling. Back to this finale, the Wish aspect of Slithermas was a great way for Amity to show love back to Luz full circle. The human-witch cultural exchanges are great. The Nightmare Before Christmas is an amazing holiday film; its reference here was a welcoming element.

Am invitation, dress-up, ghost hunt, party, dance, Ghost host, Hazbin, and holiday witch tradition mixed into one tribute to the Owl House. This fanfic has been a rewarding read. You leaving a preview to a part 3 makes me, and others I presume, spoiled. Ooo, a beach episode with a curse and jewel. I look forward to seeing what new magic you'll include, more Owlet and Lumity content, and maybe some pirates. LOL.

Good luck with your other projects. I hope to see more of Owls Apprentice, too. Take care over your hiatus.

One more thing. Thank you for being inspiring.
1/2/2021 c8 11OMAC001
Can't wait to see what comes next!
1/2/2021 c8 69Mr. Spinner
Well this was as an intriguing conclusion as it was adorably fluffy. So many questions that I am eager to learn the answers to.
Well done as always and may your inspiration flow freely!
12/29/2020 c7 HEROS Central
12/30/2020 c7 Mr. Spinner
Well that was the sweetest thing! You have really got the Lumity fluff down pat.
And an appearance from Alastair is always welcome.
12/29/2020 c7 11OMAC001
Can't wait for the answer!
12/25/2020 c6 HEROS Central
What the heck was everybody fighting against?
12/25/2020 c6 OMAC001
Honestly that was a grim future. But as Ghost Host said, it's within them to defy it!
12/25/2020 c6 2R-Doll
Happy holidays and Merry Christmas! After all that description and danger, Luz and Amity will have lots to think about. I feel this could be that future could be another au or a setup to a future spin-off. I love how you made Luz and Amity's future involve the Owl House. Creepy and haunted atmosphere befitting for the Slithermas Ghost of Yet to be. A phantom menace whose future is a nightmare twisted with a lie or two. In the end, nothing more than ash.

Your use of angst, betrayal, and torment with Lumity made for an unsettling scenario. It raises questions on how Luz currently feels about her home, and how Amity would react to that possible scenario. Not to mention their daughter. You did very well on making her sound adorable. The pictures were also fun to imagine. How you drew the fear of the unknown future was relatable and definitely added weight to this chapter. Ghost Host not joining Amity through that illusory future was surprising though it did provide an opportunity to develop Amity as a character and love interest.

I was a little worried about the rest of Team Owlet though they seemed to handle themselves well. A confetti cannon? Reminds me of Pinkie Pie. I feel as though the night isn't over yet. After all, the rest of the team faced something else. It does suspicious.
Willow making snail bets is a nice touch of humor.

Ghost Host does love all of Team Owlet. Those adorable dorks X3 Whatever comes next, I am excited to read.
Stay awesome!
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