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1/27 c14 Citypop
You don't know how happy and sad you make me to know about Goku's situation right now.

I feel sad for how Chichi has treated him and how easy it was to give up his "heart" and "reproductive organ", I feel sad that the love that Goku offered, all pure and with a clean heart, was of no use and was left so empty that Kakarot comes out. , I feel so sad that I can't wait for him to do shit to radiz and chichi and you don't know how much I want it, slow and painful.

My vengeful side emerged but I fear as a reader that I will have high expectations and not get the expected and satisfactory revenge. I'll try work on that.

Thank you because Krillin is with Goku, thank you for writing that, being a good friend, a good brother.
Did kami postpone the meeting on purpose?

Grateful to you for this chapter.
There is no doubt that they all suffer from Stockholm syndrome but I do not forgive Chichi.
10/10/2023 c13 1Kromatic
Yay! I love it!
3/9/2023 c9 Guest
Don't really care for chichi but I feel hella bad for Goku, I do love how you write raditz though...Poor launch.
11/25/2022 c1 Guest
Amazing story. Hope the author is doing okay. Cant wait for ch. 10. Happy Holidays :)
11/23/2022 c9 guest
dude what is this lmao. ngl it is hot
5/2/2022 c7 JCarrasco
Love raditz as a character in a lot of fanfiction so love this chapter.
1/30/2022 c8 Kromatic
I was gonna say I am enjoying this almost too much but what happened to oolong was too much for me lol funny how THATS what killed me lmao I love piccolo
1/26/2022 c7 3tevinssj7
Really great chapter love goku chichi but the spicy ness of radtiz chichi is really good too lol
1/26/2022 c7 12AstroZ
I don’t see the poll.
1/9/2022 c1 1Kromatic
9/21/2021 c7 6MariIvyFenta
That knife! I almost forgot about it and thought he was just watching her sleep. Vegeta is so lost, his struggle is painful.

Mai waking up made me think of Disney The Little Mermaid. lol.
Piccolo is such a daddy in this story it makes me giggle. also Mai just has a hand gun right? what's strapped to her thigh? when she pulls it on the saibamen you call it a rifle, but earlier said rifle and gun.

awe Tien and Yamcha are so cute, mostly Tien's reluctance to hug Yam back right away. Poor guys trapped and helpless...except for Caine and Pepper...

Raditz the FREAK. gosh he and Nappa are just Dumb and Dumber aren't they...prisoner escaped because both of them were too preoccupied with impregnating their slaves to tell the male slaves to patch a hole in the wall. *face palm*

oh fuck, that is low Raditz. What is he gonna do to Chi-Chi?

oooo is Piccolo gonna get some?

it might have been wrong but it was oh so good. Chi-Chi are you gonna trade Saiyans?
9/21/2021 c7 ThunderxShadow
Good god...why do I find Raditz and Chi Chi to be so hot? Lol I guess it's in the way you've written them. Mainly I've been reading this story for Vegeta and Bulma because they're one of my favorite couples, but this just got a whole lot more interesting!
6/18/2021 c6 MariIvyFenta
I loved the Siabamen making an appearance as Piccolo's grandbabies, this is hilarious and i got a big kick out of it.
Raditz seems to be digging himself a hole.

I read all the rest of the way through, kinda skimmed the sex scenes(super hot BTW!). The end of this chapter made me cry. Actual real tears that I am still fighting back as I type this from my computer cuz texting this on my phone wasn't cutting it (mostly I couldn't keep my hands steady from the wide range of emotions this made me feel, or see my screen through the tears). For as fucked up as the way Vegeta treats Bulma those last five paragraphs were a freaking gauntlet of emotions! And illustrate so well that he CARES so freaking much (even if he doesn't know it yet really) and is even disgusted with his own actions towards her at times. He has to be the dominant one, even though he asked her opinion of Mai, lets her do as she wants throughout dinner then made (okay forced) her to drink water so she isn't hungover tomorrow. (something you yelled at me to do when I was drunk a couple of months ago) He darkened the room to hide his shame and the obvious trauma he has from just holding the crop. Bulma's perspective solidifies how isolated Vegeta is, something made apparent by the plans he is making with Piccolo. Vegeta stands so alone in this story it is heartbreaking. I love this story and I hope it makes me cry more before it ends.
I am fucking sobbing reliving it in my head to write this down. Just. WOW. Bravo to you, so beautifully written. You moved me again.
3/29/2021 c4 MariIvyFenta
Oh the neck secks. Such a weird thing... what do we make of this? It was almost considerate to use her that way. He didn't hurt her like he promised. Definitely the thrill of winning her by combat then chasing her down would make him rage for her.
Vegeta with a sword, I likes, but where is he taking her? That was awfully kind of him to go advice the clouds of smoke.

I don't think Raditz's plan is really working. I hope he gets in trouble with Vegeta.

Damn! Napa is a PIMP!

Violet is naughty! I hope they can get Mai outta there.
12/16/2020 c2 MariIvyFenta
I love Danzig, and the song she rides. Awe Vegeta is such a softy he didn't rape her and is feeding her and letting her wear whatever she wants. she's gonna fall for him yet
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