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6/6 c11 DexterJN
Hi Author, im here to apologise if what i wrote was kinda harsh and made you annoyed including the the others what they wrote ...its ...just that i dont want author to lose interest in writing fanfic cause i read that a few authors gave up or lose interest maybe kinda busy with their own life or giving stupid but reasonable excuses so im here to apologise to you that im really sorry.
6/6 c11 Guest
When the next chapter comes in, everyone, mostly Ruby, will freak.
6/6 c11 Visit-97
To triscythe59
I’m aware that your annoyed and I’m sorry for that. It’s just that we haven’t seen hunters of justice react for five months and I’ve been reading 30 times now. Also when you about to update hunters of justice, then please fix some grammar.
6/5 c10 Guest
The final chapter of Ruby’s Mansion is finally upon us! The story can now continue! That is what fans are going to be saying. Publish whenever you’re ready.
6/6 c11 14Guestspirit
Epic chapter
6/6 c11 Argorok
Excellent chapter, please update again as soon as you can.
6/6 c11 21edboy4926
Good chapter
6/6 c11 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter continue please.
6/6 c11 4Monster King
5/24 c10 iRaTeD x VeNoM
The author of the original story has passed chapter 20, so are you going to work on both this story and attack on titan at the same time, or are you going to continue on with attack on titan?
5/24 c10 Old steamer
Hey did you know that Phoenix just posted his 20th chapter!
5/25 c10 Crossover-Jojo-man
There's now 21 chapters and the story is almost complete, start it back up and finish strong! Everyone believes in you.
5/22 c10 Guest
Good news Ruby’s mansion is almost at 20 chapters. He said there will two or three more chapters.
5/23 c1 1Nexus240
The author of the original story only has one chapter and the epilogue left!
Please finish this story!
4/26 c10 StrongGuy159
Cool story continue please.
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