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for Wolf of Numenor

1/8 c82 dlowe2651
this story is amazing I really can't wait for more update again soon
12/22/2022 c81 dlowe2651
fucking fantastic this story is amazing I can't wait for your next update update again soon
12/14/2022 c81 2pfcvillanueva
Alright I've been reading this since the beginning and I love it. The only criticism I have is the dynamics between Jon and his lady loves. The whole elves vs the other ladies is getting very annoying and boring to read. Not even mentioning the fact Jon sees it and does literally nothing. Have him take charge man!
11/14/2022 c22 Silverwingzz
There’s too many inconsistencies with your story and it pisses me off. Lady disappears without warning and he doesn’t say anything about it, you have them lose fights just to introduce one oc, and the grammar needs a lot of work. You had lady just appear again without warning and Jon only reacts to the fact that there was a wolf and not that he just found the wolf that was apparently taken, which I highly doubt a weak merchant could even capture.
11/13/2022 c19 Silverwingzz
I’m confused, what the heck happens to lady? You just had her disappear?
11/11/2022 c19 13N7 Greek-Valkyrie
So is Jon just going to abandon his sister's and leave for Middle Earth? Or is it like when he gets to Middle Earth that time stops for Westeros, and resumes from when they left when they return?
11/11/2022 c12 N7 Greek-Valkyrie
Olenna is going to be so screwed when she finds out Jon is the One True king.
11/11/2022 c80 Sandford9687
you trying to make fun of everyone always taking his hard worked for crafts as if their nothing without giving him anything back isnt funny and just makes him seem like a slave always caving and doing whatever one of his women or friends say.
11/9/2022 c1 1Knighthunter911700
Love the chapter, being raised in a different household can truly bring out a different person.

Though I’m a bit curious as to why Numenor is in the title.
10/21/2022 c79 RReaperOfSouls
Well the only thing I can say for this story is that Jon having a harem just holds back the story...It doesn't even make sense at some points cause most of them don't even have a presence...It seems like the Galadriel and Irime are the main protagonists and the other women are just there to be there...But this story is good and has potential even if it is progressing slowly. Keep up the good work!
10/13/2022 c78 modir321
nice story i read all chapter in 4 days worth of 2988 pages. keep up up good work man
9/24/2022 c51 1Pont1ac-Band1t
Giving this story up now. He has the chance to become an elf, and he didn’t go for it. Leaving Irme and Galadriel alone for all the ages of the world.
9/24/2022 c50 Pont1ac-Band1t
He didn’t accept him as a ‘true born’ son. He was a baseborn son…
9/23/2022 c46 Pont1ac-Band1t
Why is he going all the way to Gondor? He has practically doubled the matching time. Wait for the elves to join them?
9/19/2022 c31 Pont1ac-Band1t
A little annoying that almost all of chapter 31 is Jon recapping what we already know. You can skip a lot of the chapter. 77 chapters like that will get boring.
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