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for Wolf of Numenor

5/20 c1 Robbler
I remember when you guys split up.
I actually thought you might write something less stupid than he did.
Seems I was wrong.
Again with the damn harem in LotR...
To disregard the cultures and backgrounds in such a way. I'm glad Tolkien won't have to witness this... butchery.
4/13 c2 luffy1996
There's no way Margaery would call Ned Jon's father... This is a formal introduction of people to a Noble Lord that currently outranks her family.
2/16 c87 Janny092
Reading this chapter has reminded me of the hate that I for this Jon, so many years of experience and wisdom accumulated and yet he is still shaking like a fucking greenhorn in their first battle. Grow a pair you fucking sissy!
2/16 c87 3Survivor of Lake-Town
The King Has Returned!
2/15 c1 blyat
dude you have to put Harem warning to this kind of thing because some people in this site dont like harem like me, this was good and well written but the harem is major turn off for me.
2/15 c87 llimiter4
Sad and annoying how good this was and how well written you are early on. But honestly you killed it with glutinous unrealistic and unnecessary polygomy. Harems are like salt, its a garnish for flavor not the meat itself. 2-3 is fine but now youre just ruining your plot lines with filler sexcapades
2/15 c87 DogmaticNonsense
this is just annoying now.
12/6/2023 c86 Alexander gadd
Look after your family fanfiction comes last to family had to comment here as im not a member of ao3
11/21/2023 c62 Redpanda1224
I’m still binging the story but im loving it. Great work.

Is there 2 different authors because the dialogue is vastly different between GOT and LOTR. Personally I find the GOT version more appealing.
8/10/2023 c86 Audax protector
Sauron acordou O dragão...
7/30/2023 c11 blyat
wait, Margaery is angry that Jon is kissing another woman but it is ok when she do it when she will marry Joffrey? That just selfish!
7/29/2023 c86 dlowe2651
fucking awesome update again soon
5/24/2023 c85 CeeLee
nice to see an update :) was wondering just last week if life had placed this on the back burner for the foreseeable future. as always nicely done.
5/22/2023 c85 dlowe2651
fucking awesome update again soon I can't wait for more
4/4/2023 c84 SunryaChandra
sorry to bother you but by the cannon way doesn't osgiliath will be ruin upon his return? will irime and artanis follow him?
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