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6/10 c65 CrazyWithABook
Thank you!
6/10 c65 PatientCustard1
So the baby isn't a Malfoy?
3/6 c64 CrazyWithABook
Thank you!
3/6 c14 Atomic12192
Sorely lacks substance. So many words and so little practical information.
Chapter 1 author notes are cute.
3/5 c1 Aleksa Nicole
Also if this is meant to be so great, why the lack of reviews? Just saying. Is this the same on AO3?
3/5 c6 Aleksa Nicole
So six chapters in and no I can't read any more. Too much bad in a number of categories. I normally enjoy really long fics but this ain't one of them.
Can't understand why this is even recommend on facebook tbh. Guess either you have a fan or self promotion? A pity as I did laugh once or twice.
2/14 c63 CrazyWithABook
Thank you!
10/18/2022 c62 Guest
Es el primer fanfic de Draco - Gryffindor que leo que está completo, terminado y lo importante es que es fascinante. Felicitaciones, fue muy gratificante leer este fanfic. Ame cada detalle. Espero con ansias el epílogo. Gracias.
10/10/2022 c62 Chalice13
Wow! What a ride! No grandson for Andromeda this time though I suppose she can share in the twins. And Neville got to take out Bellatrix, hooray! I am sorry about you losing your beta, she did an excellent job. I am looking forward to your epilogues, though I am slightly disappointed that you aren't going to write eighth year. Great story, I really enjoyed it.
10/10/2022 c62 24Akatsuki's Kyuubi
This has been amazing!
10/10/2022 c62 Jacquie Hair
Sometimes I want to scream at the screen the longer this goes on!

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10/8/2022 c62 Green Gurl Oni
Bit bizarre background. Many good chapters. Some odd ooc parts minor spoils.
3.5 out of 5 stars.
9/16/2022 c61 CrazyWithABook
Thank you!
9/16/2022 c61 30SweetSwizzle614
Cried when he said My…boy…
9/16/2022 c61 Tamras1972
thanks for the update. I was so wrong, I thought the memory would reveal Lucius actually liking Hermione for Draco and was just putting an act.. haha.
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