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for Res Ipsa Loquitur

5/15 c50 CrazyWithABook
Great chapter!
5/1 c48 CrazyWithABook
Great chapter, thank you!
4/23 c23 6Rankin de Merthyr
Oh snap, a major divergence from canon!
4/22 c47 CrazyWithABook
Great chapter, thanks for the update!
4/18 c46 AlannaTheTravler
Oh fuck off Draco!
4/15 c46 CrazyWithABook
Thank you!
4/8 c45 CrazyWithABook
Thank you!
3/11 c43 CrazyWithABook
Thank you!
3/5 c42 CrazyWithABook
Great chapter, thank you!
3/5 c42 GryffindorChic7
Love it! can't wait for year 6!
3/4 c42 Adam O'Sullivan
I hope this gets deleted like Breath Mints/Battle Scars by Onyx_and_Elm did!
Too many trashy dramione fics out there that try to hide abusive manipulation as "romance"!
Hah! Suck on a big one bitch!
2/26 c41 asadriazefanyapm
please please dont break them up please
2/25 c41 CrazyWithABook
Great chapter, thank you!
2/25 c41 Chelsea always
Excited to read more
2/25 c41 FireyBells
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