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19h c7 1knifeman3874
Looking forward to updates!
19h c6 knifeman3874
About to go full kylo ren
20h c5 knifeman3874
Love this story so far
1/17 c3 1DukeOfWisdom
Why go with astrea i know about the Luvia Demi-servent thing but what about someone like erishkigal from a pantheon we know is present and is connected to rin through Demi servant nonsense
1/15 c1 DukeOfWisdom
Also I feel like he would be able to tell miach is a god since he reads mana through scent meaning miach would probably have enough power to make him dizzy with how strong the smell is
1/15 c1 DukeOfWisdom
When in the story does this take place is it when bell gets to orario meaning Miach only has one member and you made a mistake there or is it before Naza lost her arm meaning she didn’t do as much in the way of potion making like a quota system I’m very confused on the time period and wondering if you added OCs to the story without the tag
1/12 c2 Vansmoke
The scenes changed too often without notice. You can at least add line breaker for ease reading. I need to reread several times to make sure that the section I read was different part, not continuation from previous paragraph.

It's honestly got tiring whenever finding such issues in every chapters.
1/12 c7 20NewMystery356
Other than the takoyaki, my other takeaway was if Shirou knew the “Shadow Shuriken Technique”, he’d have hit that one Evilus guy a lot more… A thankful departure from the Halloween Special, which I’m still not sure of its canonocity…
1/9 c7 10PsylentFox
Not bad, not bad at all. Thoroughly enjoying the story.
1/5 c7 elkenn
this was unexpectedly good, hopefully shiro would make a total difference against juggernaut if the story managed to go that far..
12/31/2021 c7 Lazy Servant
Thanks for the chapters.
12/30/2021 c7 Guest
When a new chapter?
12/30/2021 c6 HollowSeven
What’s the hell was that? Chapter sized o make?
12/30/2021 c4 HollowSeven
Why the hell did you put Gilgamesh and Enkidu here?
12/30/2021 c4 Sgtfre
The story is good, but the writing has some problem.

When there's location change, there's no mention of it thus causing some confusion when the characters suddenly interact in a different place. Please add some sentences to tell when the location changes.

in battle scene, it's also a bit confusing in regards of pinpointing who's who. Is this the monster's bodyparts or the weapons held by Shiro being referred as 'they'? Maybe use a different term to differentiate those or structure the sentences to make it easier to distinguish who's doing what.
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