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1/25 c2 2a crashclown
I think you're leaning towards letting Shirou Join the Astraea familia, or I could just be reading things (drum noises), but regardless of what Familia you put him in, if you do put him in one, please put some heavy consideration to it.

Number one he is more or less contracting with a God/Goddess, not something someone from Shirou's universe, especially him(Counter guardian shenanigans), should do without thinking it through, even if she is the Goddess of justice. Considering Shirou sees justice as hypocrisy, the idea of joining a "group," dedicated solely to it, must seem utterly ridiculous to Shirou, So think carefully if you were going to go that angle.

I wouldn't say it's impossible. Depending on the dialogue, and scenarios written, it is possible, but you have to be careful how you go about executing it. Even the Freya, and Loki familia aren't impossible. Improbable, but not impossible.

The only Familia I think that has no chance, considering the established story so far, i'd say would be the Hephaestus Familia. After all, if Shirou is intent on maintaining a low cover, than him(having UBW, and all) should heavily avoid her the goddess of the forge. It's just tempting fate, and someone with bad luck like Shirou(or at least he thinks he has bad luck), would avoid her like the plague.

Realllyyyy interested where this goes next, looking forward to this or the Titan Shirou story, both are becoming my favorites.
1/24 c1 4Ignatia Solomon
I really like what you have so far, but may I recommend putting breaks between your scenes? just an extra space or dot to signal a major time/place between passages. it would make it a lot easier to read.

I like seeing what you're doing with Shirou, hope to see more!
1/24 c2 1morfeo34
I like this histori good
1/24 c2 PSYCongroo
Buen capítulo.
1/23 c2 daoist 832572
Good job
More chapter please
1/23 c2 9Slim A Lou Prime
I like this! Looking forward to more!
1/23 c2 6WILLIAM11
Can’t wait for more
1/23 c2 sawtooth44
next chapter is when the story is to realy begin
1/23 c2 1Hainz Leonard Kim
How dare you say food is not food.
Even if you don’t like it food is still food.
Anyways thank you for the chapter pretty great and amazing work as always
1/23 c2 Fleyja Yuki
Astraea familia huh? why am I not surprised
1/23 c2 BlueCore
Finally and update, can't wait for the next chapter
1/19 c1 Guest
Great Fic.
1/15 c1 Uros Milosevic
i like the idea of shirou being in time of evilus and him tring to save people why is he treated like a child is he a child a bit confused there.
1/12 c1 angelicayapine
ne ne, this is a good story why update again
1/7 c1 Niuzu0130
Nice cap
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