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11/1 c2 20NewMystery356
Ah, so the Zeus and Hera Familias are steady gone. So not THAT far back… Aiz reminding him of Saber is a cruel twist of fate, but it seems he’s in a good position to worm his way into her heart through her stomach; unconsciously of course~ The raid on the orphanage shows a darker side to Orario than we usually get, but I like how things turned out~ Kinda want to see him join the Astraea Familia.
The Omake… was wildly hilarious.
11/1 c6 Dimihd
Wow, amazing. But where Alice? Now even wanted see crossover with Shirou / madness Alice.
10/31 c4 Raging Drake
Damn,never expected Gil to be here,maybe his partner’s enkidu? I wonder if there are any other heroes here
10/31 c3 Raging Drake
A great chapter and I guess shirou can be a rival to ais
10/31 c2 Raging Drake
Enjoyed the chapter,Maybe shirou just saw ais?
10/31 c6 2DannyPhantom619
10/31 c1 Nagisa Tr
First i though that it was Evilus Poisoning shirou, then i thought it was them Kidnapping him.

my last idea before i saw the halloween special note was that he was having a bad trip
10/31 c1 Raging Drake
A great start to the story and your using fate route shirou. I wonder how shirou will he get to artoria In that world. Maybe researching avalon?
10/31 c1 20NewMystery356
A very well-written start for him contracting the Light Novel Virus~ That he’s starting over as a child in Orario definitely offers up possibilities; least of which is seeing Artie happy with her Familia; and maybe Shirou’s presence could CHANGE that fate~? The orphanage is a bit depressing, but then again, Shirou’s a dour sort of guy, so he’s less out of place than if he were in a GOOD orphanage.
10/31 c6 TimeDiver
...did this just become a (stealth) Kingdom Hearts x Nasuverse x Danmachi x-over (or fusion) fic?

I'm half-expecting a Keyblader to show up soon... and un-wanted (by the Danmachi gods) at that.
10/31 c6 NovaWars
Best of luck with the writing. I’m not sure if this chapter was of much significance but I found myself lightly skimming it instead of actually reading it. I think a mixture of grammar and spelling errors and the want for tangible highly visible plot progression made me too eager. Who knows I’ll probably go back if the plot references this chapter
10/31 c6 Shen1412 - Formerly Enigma95
10/31 c5 NovaWars
Hmm mia the crowd all knew the girl huh? Is this pick mentality?
10/31 c4 NovaWars
Fuck in running out of chapters to read :(
10/31 c6 RockLeeOmega
That was an interesting chapter, I liked it
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