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9/25 c5 1Toasty Kit
I like the premise of this story but the presentation is a bit lukewarm. Stuff just kind of seems to happen and the sense of urgency is near nonexistent. Hopefully, this changes as time goes on because I see a lot of potential in your work. As it is right now. however, the story leaves the reader wanting.
9/25 c5 Tenma Kirin
Continue, pls!
9/24 c5 Mistroz
Excellent chapter
9/24 c5 1John Aiden Sullano
Pls continue Author. And don't intent of abandoning it. Pls?
9/24 c5 The Black Kraven
Feel free to not answer me if you don't wish to, but what will be the Astraea Familia's fate (pun ftw kek) now that Shirou is there. Will they crash and burn like in canon or will their sad ending be averted. Also, give us some interactions with Aiz.
9/24 c5 Shen1412 - Formerly Enigma95
Sweet story so far
9/24 c5 3Fyr RedNight
Great work on this chapter.

The little cooking match was a nice surprise.

I look forward to the next update!
9/24 c5 Uday Sra
9/24 c5 Greyfox2
Fantastic work on the chapter, poor Shirou between the boasting of his guild and those rumors, something is bound to bite him in the rear. Looming forwards to what comes next!
9/23 c1 Raymond Yildirim
good chapter, can't wait for the next update.
9/23 c5 mastermini
Amazing reason lol
Thanks for the update :)
9/23 c5 TroxX101
Kanye west the goat
9/23 c5 SentinalSlice
Is the constellation Virgo really why you chose Astraea? Hahaha, that’s really funny.
I’m super happy to see an update. I hope we see more of Shirou in the dungeon. By the way, how did Shirou use reinforcement while cooking? Considering that you were having him think about the need for precision, wouldn’t he have used Structural Analysis?
Anyway, please keep up the great work!
And stay healthy too!
I can’t wait for the next chapter! I hope you update soonish.
9/23 c5 Senzetzu
Placeholder left in text after "who told him about rumors was"
9/23 c5 Dasgun
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