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5/29 c12 lukmanas5lang
Still alive?
5/13 c3 Guest
Please update please
Your story is too great to lose please
3/1 c7 Jmechan24
Haven't he revealed only one holy weapon before, there was no need to go overboard with saji
3/1 c6 Jmechan24
A devil piece make him devil, but he is already a devil so removing the piece shouldn't return him to human, but if that the way on your story maybe naruto can find a king piece
3/1 c12 Ravenjuubi
Great chapter
2/14 c4 kynan99
Thanks for the awesome chapter...
2/11 c12 Blank Lord
Good job on the chapter. I’m liking the more confident and borderline arrogant Naruto after assimilating with Gil. I can’t wait for more.
2/6 c12 Authorwithbadgra
To: Guest Below Me

People read this for free, and there is a warning. You must be stupid for ignoring it. You want good grammar? Go buy such story in the bookstore. A monkey like you should not be here. You are a poison to the world. I bet you can't even write a story. Go away from peaceful random, monkey.
2/6 c1 Guest
Good God learn some Grammer, I get there's a warning but thats no excuse for keeping it shit.
2/6 c1 Guest
Trash, too much going on.
2/5 c6 Marsuvees Black The Dark Lord
Hashirama's Wood Release easily suppresses Tailed Beasts power.

Given how Yamato handled TBchakra Naruto a Humanoid Kurama still wouldn't be an issue.

As for Madara... Kurama is weak to genjutsu so whatever form he takes he's F-ed
2/4 c12 SugamDewan
They have become quite good friends. Btw nice Chapter waiting for next update
2/3 c12 iiNeo
I am truly tired of Naruto being so friendly with this damn fox. Did we not establish this fox gives no shits about Naruto so why is he still playing with his wishes. Makes me feel like he's in the cage and kuruma out.
2/3 c12 26MayumiCherokeeYaoiGirl
this is awesome. Of all the things I could think of none of them include Kurama building any kingdom of his own with Anbu he trains. Also, do you plan on Naruto dating anyone? I think Shikamaru would make an interesting devil, so maybe he can go to Naruto after sasuke asks him what he wants. Sasuke obviously still cares about naruto, so he is likely to bring his friends to where Naruto is at, excluding Sakura since she'll be dead by then.
2/3 c12 MaTachin
Still cant understand the whole reason naruto want to go back to his world, literally got betrayed by so called 'bestfriend' , konoha hate him , people that like him is no more than 5, and this guy act like his whole reason to live is to go back to his world when in dxd there are a lot more people that respect him
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