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5/29/2021 c8 Dasgun
5/29/2021 c8 AuthorWithBadGra
To the most idiot people, NaruCrazy (you are indeed crazy, good name):
I have played 600 times in chess dot com. Don't talk stupid shit like value to me. As i said, i wanted him to be knights, end of story.
5/29/2021 c8 AuthorWithBadGra
To a guy below me, NaruCrazy:
1) Good.
2) You should get the fact right. Reincarnate into devil is done by the evil pieces, Serafall helped on the process—i don't need to explain the plot to you. About his body rejecting evil pieces, Minato and Khusina wouldn't waste the chance to save their son—they are fuinjutsu masters, even though they're just chakra.
3) As i said, i want him to have knights, so what? It doesn't matter what your problem are.
4) Again, it has nothing to do with you.

Not happy? Go on dude, write your own fic! Don't waste your time throwing insult on another people fic.
5/29/2021 c8 NaruCrazy
1) I will let you have that.
2I dint say how"? What is that logic? You dont have answer to shit you do in your own fic? Reincarnation cannot be helped by anyone.
3) Its not about knight or something else. Its about value of the piece. 2x knight is valued at 6 pawn pieces where as 2x rook would be valued at 10 pawn pieces and the queen piece has value of 9 pawn pieces.
4) As Naruto is so strong, his body body would reject evil pieces. He can stay with her but not as a part of her peerage.
Idiot get DxD facts right before saying stupid shit. Atleast own up yo your short comings stupid.
5/29/2021 c1 8Inv0ke
Let me guess naruto is goimg to be a simp
5/29/2021 c8 Tera12
Great chapter xD Cant wait for more
5/29/2021 c8 7Rain714
amazing! I've been looking for fic like this for a long time, finally found it too. naru-sona is the best! ... I have to admit that Senpai's writing method is great, I'm amazed and grateful for creating such an amazing work! It's just that the word is lacking, if you lengthen it a little, it will definitely be cooler!
5/28/2021 c8 AuthorWithBadGra
To idiot people below me, NaruCrazy:

1) Saji in this fic already has 4 sacred gears in total. In canon, he initially has one.
2) Serafall helped Sona to reincarnate him. I didn't say how. So shut your fucking stupid mouth. You don't know any shit.
3) Why knight? I want him to be knight. You don't like it? Write your damn fic.
4) Naruto stayed as her peerage? So what of it? Don't like it? Go to hell.
5/28/2021 c3 NaruCrazy
So even though Sona is "low ultimate class" devil she needed 4 pawn pieces to revive Saji, same as canon?

Dude you are making me cry with your half assed understanding of DxD verse.

I dont think there is anymore need for me to comment on how broken your fic is compared to DxD verse. You can make Issei more powerful than Sirzechs in 1 day and it would work cuz its you fic and rip logic.
5/28/2021 c2 NaruCrazy
Without even reading the second chapter I predicted this. If Naruto is stronger than Serfall than how is he still a part of Sona's peerage who is weak at the moment? Does this mean she can revive anyone, even Sirzechs or Ajuka as part of her peerage? Maybe even the biblical god as her pawn? Serfall can simply "force" the pieces cant she?

Now Naruto can defeat Sirzechs and Ajuka too, who are among the top 10 in DxD? Damn... Those knight pieces mist be more powerful than an entire evil piece set by themselves...
5/28/2021 c1 NaruCrazy
Lets see Narutos potential...
Kurama -> vastly more powerful than DxD kyubi
Gate of Babylon -> Top teir longinus
Satan Level chakra -> Has things like chakra chain, whatever chakra abilities.
All these reincarnated by a teenager with 2x Knight pieces... even mutated, that's low value. Also why knight pieces? Sona reincarnated Tsubaki with queen piece cuz that is tradition and not cu, Tsubaki was worth the queen piece.

Also what do you mean by Serafall forced the piece? Than can Sirzechs force Issei to be reincarnated using only 1 mutated pawn piece by Rias?

Broken logic at the start of the fanfic itself. Not to mention if Naruto reaches his full potential Sona wont be able to hold him into her peerage cuz he would be too powerful.
5/28/2021 c8 Azaleaelf
man i really love ur story, but its really short (for me)... keep it up dude, i'll wait for new updates
5/3/2021 c2 biob1
Nice work
4/24/2021 c7 1kyuubi ruler of all bijuu
3/28/2021 c4 Dat-boi-waddup
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