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9/5/2021 c11 Guest
Why do you only measure base Naruto? Why not put his higher level in there? Because we all know that if he is in a serious fight he is not going to stay at base form, he will power up a lot.

Also, why bother trying to put Kurama as a threat to Naruto? You already said in an earlier chapter that his body is just a clone body that Naruto could disperse at will. Trying to have Kurama threaten Naruto earlier, when you already said that Kurama wasn't stupid, is a stupid move if Naruto can just wish to have the body dispel. It doesn't make for consistent writing and is annoying to read.
9/5/2021 c11 Mythic Imagination
Of course Kurama pretty much declares war on Shinto within the first week of being in charge. Granted, the Nekoshou slaughter could be constituted in a number of ways to validate multiple excuses; such as Nekoshou clan separating from the Yokai to live in the Underworld and falling under Devil jurisdiction (politics). Though I can’t fault Kurama’s logic in sense.

At the end of the day, deposited their excuses, they didn’t do anything and went a step further and loaned the devils their land (Kuoh) to set up base and “poach” their children/worshipers/people.

Looking forward to seeing how this plays out.
9/5/2021 c11 demon87
Very super
9/4/2021 c11 ericsofly2
Great chapter
9/4/2021 c11 NoaRien
Great job loved it
9/4/2021 c11 Guest
Thank for ur effort to update fast..

It still short thought.. a little shorter then the last chapter.
9/4/2021 c11 AuthorWithBadGra
To Tanzsumakgiuo:

It is okay to be stupid, but there's no need show it off.
9/4/2021 c11 theotakuboy
man can't wait to see kurama be kurama
9/4/2021 c1 tanzsumakgiuo
Okay i'm done sorry but i had enough of these story's this is no shade at you but to most dxd x naruto stories as a whole
1. The nekomaka massacre NEVERD HAPPENED. I get it some authors want a driving reason for kurama/yokai/and shinto faction to be mad at devils but what the fuck!, do you know how many times i see this shit and go ( yup I'm leaving ) its so fuckin
2. If naruto still had his 6 sage path mode then not only is trying to recruit him is impossible but it can't happen, and if anyone actually watched naruto you would know that at bare minimum, kyuubi mode could prevent his FUCKIN SOUL FROM BEING RIPPED OUT, if this can happened then he can take out the fuckin piece
3. Giving naruto all of his abilities just makes everything too easy, do you how many times i have seen naruto just steam rolls over everything and somehow gets beaten by fuckin weaker characters?!
4. Please for the love of god stop doing harem, this not at you author this to everyone but you and at this point i am just vent out my frustrations but i'm just soo sick and fucking tired of harems
9/4/2021 c11 HolyKnight5
Let me guess... Kurama it's associating the Shinto with the bloody Uchiha and thus, he wants to make Amaterasu HIS B#tc#.. . And beat the other two gods of ruling trinity Black and Blue...
9/4/2021 c11 4DaDragon562
I’m eager to see how kurama and naruto handle the Shinto pantheon conflicts.
9/4/2021 c11 4King-Of-Gods
If Kurama is seperated from Naruto then shouldnt he be on The Top Ten List?
9/4/2021 c11 1R-king 93
Awesome chapter
9/4/2021 c11 ChildishAssassin
Wait if Kurama still only has half of his strength than Naruto should be above him in your list because of Six Paths Sage Mode that he can further amp by absorbing Nature Energy actually I'm pretty sure that Six Paths Sage Mode Naruto without a Nature Energy Amp can beat Full Power Kurama so where is Naruto actually at in your Top 15 also what the hell is Kurama doing he can't take on the entire Shinto Pantheon let alone Izanagi so unless he plans on getting Naruto to help him then Kurama better be prepared to get his butt kicked or to have a very amazing back up plan when he realized he can't win actually now that I think about it Naruto would probably try to settle things peacefully instead of fight and actually probably wouldn't be allowed to fight for multiple reasons most notably Kurama's pride
9/4/2021 c11 12Akakiru
Well their goes Amaterasu life. She lived long and died fast.

By the way in canon devils are the weakest only thanks to Satans they can do anything.
Ishibumi probably doesn't remember that I doubt he remembers half the shit he clearly forgot that Devil's were the weakest faction.
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