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for Harry Potter and the Conjoining of Paragons

8h c12 YuukiAsuna-Chan
What makes him think he saved anyone? He had no idea what she plans so he can't say he saved Myrtle. Even if it was the same time line which it ain't he still could not say he saved her, as his very presence would have caused changes and divergences.

Dude makes a lot of assumptions with little facts to back them.
11/29 c12 3FabricioPezoa
Really good! Looking forward to the next chapter!

Best wishes

11/26 c12 Guest
Bro this story is so amazing, please, please continue!
11/25 c12 2Fuck Names
Noice. This is probably my favourite story of yours right now.
11/24 c12 1godric777
nice chapter :)
11/24 c12 2plebston323
Jesus this makes me nervous, it's like I'm Harry and trying to make my way out of the Wolfs Den.
11/24 c12 1firetemplar415
Prey eating prey!
11/24 c12 1TheGreatBubbaJ
You fool, you're your own grandfather.
11/24 c12 yoto
bon chapitre
11/24 c12 HughJasz
Very curious to see how this progresses. I'm glad to see Harry is taking the initiative and making his own moves and improving his competency. That already makes this story leagues better other similar fics. Looking forward to future chapters!
11/24 c12 Guest
This was my least favourite of your stories when it first started but you’ve won me over for sure. Second behind only PoP now and one of the best fics on the site. Thanks for sharing.
11/24 c12 FicTIuNFaN
Looking forward to your next chapter.
11/24 c12 Hadrian.Caeser
nice plot development
11/24 c12 ThePhenakism
Awesome chapter !
11/15 c11 Boread97
I think Emily will not become voldemort. She can't spell I am lord voldemort by arranging the letters in her name. But other name is fair deal.
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