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for Harry Potter and the Conjoining of Paragons

12/1 c1 DragonPikelz
not even gonna waste my time
11/30 c64 7Souen112
What an absolute waste of a character. It would have been better to just let them both die instead of shitting on your previous characterisations of Harry.
This also isn't 'Dark' it's plain evil. You made him a baby killer for heavens sake.
Thanks for writing I guess.
11/30 c64 2Neoacoya1
The ending... deeply unsatisfying, but I guess it's completely in line with the rest of the story and this was always going to end in the same vein.
11/30 c64 4Hecatonchir of Athena
Jesus fucking Christ
11/30 c64 7Espadara
Absolutely awesome ending! Harry must've gone through some shit in those few decades he was missing to be willing to do something so evil at the end, but it's good to see Harry and Emily get a happy ending (Even if other characters might disagree, heavily.)
11/30 c64 skotos07
WOWWWW This is the best ending I've ever read wtf . Extremely dark but very good!
11/30 c64 4El Publicano
Well, I gotta say, I really enjoyed the story. I would've loved a bit more romance and maybe a better outcome for the main couple, but well, that doesn't take away from the fic's merit.

I must confess, I almost hated you for that ending in the previous chapter, though this final chapter feels strange. I mean, Emily always showed she'd do whatever it took no matter the cost, and now Harry did what he did without caring about the cost to be with her. Poetic, perhaps.

Well, now I'll happily dive into the next story because I really dig your writing.
11/30 c64 Cipher301
…whats crazy is that i thought your “sad ending” would just be that “oh well emily and harry died” but DAMN. Gonna be real, and i hate sounding like a dick, but i dont know who told you that this was a good ending idea. That was just a slap in the face to everything, every plotline, every character relationship… pretty much everything you built up before this got shit on by the ending. In what universe would harry murder, not only a child, not only literally himself, but literally his best friend’s fucking child for a selfish reason. That completely goes against the character yiu created before this. It genuinely would’ve been so much better if both he and emily died, and they got a moment in the afterlife together where they had a “i guess death isnt that bad” type of moment where they still fail that goal, but are happy together. I mean seriously where the hell did this come from?! I really hope The Road To Hell doesnt have shit like this at the end, because its been really good so far…
11/30 c64 timewastin
Thanks for all your hard work!
11/30 c64 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Congratulations on finishing it out.
11/27 c36 Xanthuis
Is it wrong that I am shipping Dorea his own grandmother ? I know it’s messed up but there a amazingly good match and it would fulfill the weird paradox of time
11/17 c18 1Wakiyamani
Hoo boy, I haven't commented on it, but the moment he says "Trust in me..." I started having junglebook flashbacks...
11/16 c63 shadowhunter3349
i wonder if Harry will live (he probably will) cause hes 1. A Pervelle/Potter 2. Owner(kinda) of the Invisibility Cloak AND again a partial owner of the Ressurection stone all while being killed by the elder wand now thats one hell of a coincidence and a once in the lifetime potter type luck
11/16 c63 skotos07
WOW what a nice ending :) looking forward to the next chapter! Impatiently
11/16 c63 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Quite the conversation.
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