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for Harry Potter and the Conjoining of Paragons

just now c6 Scandalf
Fucking hell, can he not say no? I understand wanting to move the plot along but at this point, you're forcing things waaay too much man. Emily gets interested in him just by laying her eyes on him, Horace is sure Harry is some sort of up and coming prodigy just because he survived like 30 seconds against some random thugs, and Harry appearantpy doesn't know how to say "it's okay, I don't need help with things I'm able to do by myself perfectly fine. And even if I can't do it alone, I can just ask the professors or Elena. You know, the girl who is basically my sister now..."
It's too ridicilous. I'm barely forcing myself to continue honestly.
12/7 c38 Rayga
Cant wait for more!
12/6 c13 Rayga
Great story!
Im completely hooked on this
11/30 c38 yoto
bon chapitre
12/1 c38 Darth Flamel
Pointless filler material to keep squeezing your patron cows for more dough.
11/30 c38 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Hopefully the lad picks up new tricks before he needs them.
11/30 c38 1godric777
Interesting chapter
11/30 c38 4Monster King
Awesome work
11/28 c37 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Glad the lasses are getting on better.
11/25 c37 thiagopds13
Yeah, your Harry sucks I love the story but hate the protagonist funny that. Focus more on the side characters please! D
11/25 c24 thiagopds13
Why the fuck, is your Harry always asking what something means? He can't be that dumb, it's infurianting how he act all the time. A story is suposed to be a enjoyable thing but so far your fic has been stressful, it's a brilliant idea you have here but I find myself disliking the protagonist more and more I hope he gets better soon...
11/25 c2 thiagopds13
Pft.. Pavonis...
11/24 c1 thiagopds13
Talk about emo chapter. I will try to continue but if it keeps in the same feel quitting will be the way for me, thank you for the chapter.
11/23 c37 18stevem1
This is a very well written and interesting story. Hope to read more.
11/23 c33 stevem1
Why does Cerastes follow Harry? Unless he’s attacked, he seems paralyzed with indecision.
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