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6/23/2023 c12 SureJahn
Glinda seems to be a little bit of a rule breaker, which is hilarious to me because Aberrant Hydra screams "Strict Rules". Aberrant Hydra is one of those rich guilds I see, but I love that Team no name says that their guild has more spirit and story.

One million jewels?! Aberrant Hydra must be friggin rich. Glinda seems to care about her fellow guildmates which is nice of her. Glinda having Portal type powers is very interesting.

Them being separated from Nelio and Alistair does complicate things a little and we love that. Drama is brewing and I am stoked!
6/23/2023 c9 SureJahn
I do think that I wouldn't trust someone so quickly, they trusted Mana quite quickly and it seems like with Calypso as well. I guess having Nelio and Alistair tail them is their way of keeping an eye on them. Arkcester being where Aberrant Hydra is and also where Nadine's husband died raises red flags for me and with my theory of Aberrant Hydra being formerly evil seems to be getting solid evidences.

The guild master Glinda seems alright for now. She's perceptive on knows people who aren't from her city. But she seems rather weak getting yelled at by Akane.
6/23/2023 c8 SureJahn
That beginning was rather ominous, I'm guess those are the villains of the story. I guess this is a great start to incorporate the drama. We have the heroes and their story so let's get to the exciting parts!
6/23/2023 c7 SureJahn
Damn the backstory was very sad and tragic, made me feel for Nadine and the entire Phoenix Fire guild. Silver Sabelum is quite the mystery to me, Silver makes me think of 2nd place but I don't quite understand what Sabelum, My google search led me to belive it is a type of sable, which is a small animal that looks almost like a ferret. So that's an interesting guild name.
6/23/2023 c6 SureJahn
Very chapter things get more and more complicated. Haha more and more people are introduced but that's ok that means more people to make stories with. I think having a little recap at certain points would be a great addition just to remind everyone of who is who.
6/23/2023 c5 SureJahn
Oooohhh We meet another guild called Aberrant Hydra, an interesting name. Because Phoenix Fire is them rising from the ashes. And with Aberrant Hydra we have aberrant which means deviating from normal, so my prediction is they used to be evil. Luna and Yuko seem fun so hopefully they don't get revealed as villains.
6/23/2023 c4 SureJahn
Emile, Veiss, Akane, and Mana as Team No Name is just the best. Their dynamic is so fun. Their first mission so exciting! THey support towards each other is very wholesome, but I can see where drama might begin so it's a good balance for me. and OMG that cliff hanger
6/23/2023 c3 SureJahn
Emile being cocky is hilarious, I love their dynamics so far. Mana, Akane, and Emile are enjoyable, Acro is there with us, he is definitely a character in this story. Chain magic is interesting it gives me very Kratos from God of War vibes. We met some other people like Novem and Alistair who are both interesting in their own ways. Rina is giving girlboss and will sell you make-up, #MLMBabe #Girlboss #Slay. Veiss is also very fun I think he fits in so well with Mana, Akane and Emile.
6/23/2023 c2 SureJahn
Awww meeting everyone is so much fun! Mary and Mana hopefully get along well. Rina, Acro, Danate, Emile, Nadine are so nice. Cooley is there. Akane seems mean I hope she gets along with Mana enough. Genesis and Nelio are the older member I guess and they seem caring. So excited for more!
6/23/2023 c1 SureJahn
Wow, what a engaging first chapter and with so much more to read I am so excited to see where everything goes. If this chapter is any indication I'm in for a wild ride!
6/9/2023 c51 5RevolutionaryCleo
It's always great to have a recap! And it was a fun scene to have Veiss with Yutsuko! Can't wait for the next chapter!
4/29/2023 c50 SureJahn
Well the name Graves hopefully doesn’t predict her future UwU
3/29/2023 c49 33Arrow-chan3
2/17/2023 c41 5RevolutionaryCleo
Great chapter. I really liked seeing more of Myling's magic and loved how Mana, Akane, Emile and Veiss were able to run a bit wild.

Honeywell seems interesting, and I like the vibrant feel. But we have dark mages heading that way too right? Can't wait for the fight!
2/17/2023 c48 Guest
Great chapter! Short but sweet. It was nice to see a younger Ariana and I think it's great that the Phoenix Fire mages had a chance to relax a bit. Caia, Theresa and Alistair having to deal with them and Nelio is always amusing. And how Nelio started to read the love letter made me laugh. He deserved to get kicked.

I also like the friendship that seems to be hinted at between Caia and Myling, it's great.

Can't wait for the next chapter!
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