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for Wintering Together

4/6 c7 1mayawene
thank you
2/2 c7 Mortred101
Thanks for the update and more of GeraltxJaskier fluff w/ extra family time
Is this the last chapter though?
1/30 c7 vampire moonlight
great job loved the. story!
1/27 c7 ladylibrarian101
Ohhh I loved reading this story!
1/24 c7 Guest
I love this! Gerald and Jasmine are so cute. Very much an old married couple
1/23 c6 Guest
So sweet! I love that Jasmine finally got a horse
1/25 c7 2Alianna15
Great story, love the light heartiness of it
1/24 c7 11Gambito
hahahahaha that last bit was comedy gold! I wonder what the Witchers' reactions are gna be when Jaskier accompanies them on the mountain for the winter lol, they might not let him leave again
1/24 c7 L.Doll
At last...
1/24 c7 3Mistress Peverell
Please tell me this isn’t the end, I want to see how Lambert and Vesemir survive domestic Jaskier and Geralt
1/21 c5 M
Thank you for this story.
GeraltxJaskier for the winnnnnnnnn
Can I request a chapter or something that includes Fluff with all the bros?
1/23 c6 1Sakihinata
Cute and fluffy ;)
1/23 c6 L.Doll
Can't wait for those 2 admitting their feelings for each other...
1/17 c5 Guest
I love this and seeing the story unfold
1/17 c5 Sakihinata
So much fluff ;)
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