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for Wintering Together

1/17 c5 1Sakihinata
So much fluff ;)
1/16 c5 marianoadja
Oh my God, this is very beautiful!
1/16 c5 11Gambito
Its nice to dee the way the witchers interact with one another, you really feel the close relationship...thanks for the update :)
1/16 c5 L.Doll
They are so cute together...
1/8 c4 8FrostedMidnight
This story is great and I love it. In my head I call it “the one where eskel realized that geralt is already married and just doesn’t know it yet.”
1/5 c4 1Dama Layla
Por favor não demore para atualizar, esta fanfic está muito divertida!
12/31/2020 c4 11Gambito
This cheered me right up and set my plot bunny running again lol thank you
12/31/2020 c4 3Mistress Peverell
They’re totally married, they just didn’t notice
12/30/2020 c4 1Sakihinata
Why are they so darn cute?!
Eskel is certainly collecting A LOT of blackmail material ;)
12/20/2020 c3 Guest
Love this
12/20/2020 c3 28Finn35
This is fantastic and I love your work!
12/20/2020 c3 1Sakihinata
This is so domestic and they're so cute ;)
Eskel is clearly having a blast!
12/20/2020 c3 11Gambito
hehehe I so wana see the reactions of the rest of the brothers
12/20/2020 c3 3Mistress Peverell
Esker realises his brother is worried the Bard will want to travel without him and helps clear the misunderstanding before it even starts. Precious wolf, he’s a good brother.
12/20/2020 c3 L.Doll
Can't wait for next chapter. Thanks.
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