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for Birth of a Legend V2

11/28 c29 2Angryhenry
oh shiiiiit, it just got reaaaaallllll
11/26 c29 Lazy Servant
Thanks for the chapters.
Humanity and arturia in the finest.
11/19 c27 realfan16
eh Enkidu you sly fox *smirk* we see what u did there
11/19 c29 TheChoZenFive
I am so incredibly excited for the next chapter.
11/17 c29 dragonfox123
Nooo not the cliffhanger
11/17 c29 38Solaire38
Thank you for the great chapter, keep up the good work!
11/17 c29 Dasgun
о 0
11/16 c29 kusanagi29
Esto se va a poner interesante, buen capitulo
11/15 c1 1JamBasic
wow is gilgamesh going to descend? that would be really awesome.
11/15 c27 KnightR1
I just came in conclusion this Arturia Is a Fragment of King Arturia before she Pull the Sword at Stone
11/15 c29 1Mtari
Wait, so Arturia is becoming a vessel for the King at the End of the World? Only way the Campione Grail would react to her like that.
11/15 c29 2R.R. Blaze
Okay, I must complain. You can't just wipe out this alternate Arturia.
11/14 c29 1R-king 93
Awesome chapter
11/14 c29 X6-88
Alright so an update let’s get to brass tracks.

We go back to Athena and Artoria facing off Ishtar/Aphrodite. Granted Ishtar blessing is in effect, so telepathy is in play. Pity seeing the strait-laced person talking dirty is funny. Yeah Ishtar/Aphrodite may not be wise, but that stupidity makes her dangerous as who knows what she will do next. Oh Ishtar, your luck is all over the place.

Okay like how you remind people that Lancelot here is a “DAD” as well taught Artoria swordsmanship. It has been a crazy…..week? Month? Since all this started and they have been moved to the background.

Um really? You “REALLY” want to go there Ishtar? You have a track record of causing past lovers to meet with tragedy that it’s a mystery you didn’t get called a Femme Fatale. Like if you didn’t want people to start slandering you then don’t all your lovers encounter tragedy.

I can’t help but wonder what Athena was saying. “I’m not your-“ Her what? Therapist? Someone to complain to? If so then I feel sorry for her since it sucks when people unload their problems to you and you didn’t say they could.

…a tempting offer but considering what Ishat has been doing and her track record accepting an offer comes with strings attached.

A curse from a goddess of Love…. that’s going to be nasty but even so….it seems…redundant? I mean this Artoria is sort of blind to her situation so what Ishtar was doing makes it hard to see how bad it is, or if it is effective.

And damn Ishat outplayed Athena that’s going to sting right there.

So, the normal girl meets the “Ideal King” and something happens right there that makes the world shake its core. Or at least the people who can feel it. Just like the tournament between Campiones and Gods that brought the attention of Ishtar/Aphrodite Guinevere attention has been gotten. And it’s no mystery that she is going to show up with her “protector” with that “cup” what that means is anyone guess. Heck I don’t know if Ishtar/Aphrodite is going to be destroyed or be brought in the group. It can go anywhere. I can’t predict where things are going to go right now!

Guess I’ll wait and see. Other than that, hope to see fate grand dungeon update soon! But until then stay golden!
11/13 c29 Guest
I love the story and wow, she evolved into king Arthur. Maybe she’s the actual god of steal and not Shirou.
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