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9/16/2022 c22 Seiya Ryuuguuin
9/16/2022 c22 ramul
9/16/2022 c22 5Xeno01
The tournament ended earlier than expected, no matter there are many other ways to continue the story. Too bad you skipped the part where Alec was beaten up, but it was still fun knowing that he had quite a trauma.
I think it's good that Godou took the initiative to make peace with Arturia through more civilized methods, it's best to ignore Erica's advice.
Now in Italy Shirou will clash with Perseus and teach him what it means to be a true hero. I predict that Perseus will either be killed or become the new servant of Arturia.
9/16/2022 c22 Ryoji Mochizuki
fun. strikers update soon?
9/16/2022 c22 Kayen1024
nice chapter
9/15/2022 c22 growcraft95
"The Authority restriction was courtesy of 'best clay' who saw an opportunity"

I see Enkidu being the Best Bro like He always is.
9/15/2022 c22 qhamoch
Its quite regretable the fight between campione and gods alliance not continue i want to know which servant shirou impersonating in the end when they beating alec
9/15/2022 c22 Guest
Another great chapter is always looking forward to updates.
9/15/2022 c22 4attismorte00
amazin, good as ever, see you the nex time
9/15/2022 c22 MisterBillybob
The command spells can be replenished, that's nice

Man, the gang better start looking in how to prolong Artoria's life. Once she dies, any Gods tethered to her are back to square one.
Cannot remember if Caliburn is already doing that, or the answer would the Sheath of Excalibur, provided by Shirou.

Hmm, Italy. Since Doni is nerfed right now, that might need warranting. Then again, the guy is a loose cannon.
In any case, time to go beat up Perseus, hopefully his charm won't affect Artoria in any way. She probably doesn't have any priestess lineage in her.

I wonder how the story of Medusa, Poseidon and Athena is played out in this world.
9/15/2022 c22 POG
Artoria in a greecian toga lets gooooooooooooo
Do it again sometime please, i need artoria to be lovy dovy with shirou in a toga.

Also is divine fort andromeda gone now? please mention next time Its bugging me.

Moving on Athena cant come to accept that she is actually a sadist, kinda halirious but honestly for the best.
Finaly you didnt say who the other heretic gods were you Jerk! Baka its not like i wanted to know or anything but you should have at least given us some hints!
9/15/2022 c22 Yes
Right off the bat JOJO kicking meme!
you should have chained him to a afterwards rock like that one scene in JOJO part 3 with the car stand user.

This ending sets us around volume 3 and 4

And now lets GOOOOOOO! they be going to italy which means BEACH CHAPTER! in all seriousness though i want to see Artoria try get closer to shirou at the beach only to end up competing with athena who also put on a bikini for his atention. and at the end Godou and shirou have a deep philisophicle discusion about how having the Harem protagonist skill inevitbly leads to suffering and only by making all of the lovers happy can one achive true peace and bring an end to their suffering.
9/15/2022 c22 4DaDragon562
Man things de-escalated fast. Guess we're now going to encounter athena's alternate form? Or is this when things move off canon rails?

Love the idea of shirou being a for hire hero heretic god service
9/15/2022 c22 6Sacchin
lol a bunch of people just kicking Alec, it reminds me of that meme lol.
Also, Athena's wants to confirm something?! Is it the ability to gain another authority by somehow killing a god?
9/15/2022 c22 Guest
Did anyone else not get a notification for this? Great chapter mate!
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