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for Birth of a Legend V2

11/16/2022 c24 Mugen-Muse
Well, that's going to be annoying. Though I suppose that's the point with psychological warfare. Still, I wonder if Artoria will be able to tame Aphrodite. She does have Command Seals on both hands. If she gained more thanks to Aphrodite, where would the new ones end up?
11/16/2022 c24 Cloudy09
Lmao! Yes Ishtar is here let’s goooooooooo!
11/16/2022 c24 Daua002
Summon caster giglmash it will be glorious
11/16/2022 c24 jarc503okami
Disculpa, el perro está bien?
11/16/2022 c24 Silber D. Wolf
great chapter
11/16/2022 c24 X6-88
A new update!

Yeah seeing other people flirt in front of you can be extremely annoying like nothing else. Also the last thing anyone wants to be mistaken is to be member of a harem when you don't like said individual.

And Erica trying to get Artoria and Goudon along, granted I wouldn't hold my breath considering how she pretty much the one to put Artoria in danger in the first place as well as trying to make people dance to her tune.

Ah the classical outfit saber wore...with floaties. Lol

Ivory colored seashells... that's not something you find normally on the beach...

A heretic god descant...and not surprised that people would ask Artoria for help instead of Goudon after all Goudon has created a reputation that if he gets involved the landscape/national monuments/infrastructure gets destroyed. Like serious he's a walking wrecking ball to the point that asking a "sane" god to help would give better odds of less destruction.

And Artoria is now by herself...well it looks like someone planned all this. And three guesses as to who is behind it. Though Aphrodite is not wrong nobody likes to be the "load". Jason in Atlantis summed it up pretty damn well. Caliburn keeping Aphrodite mist away but the painful truth/doubt still linger.

And Athena's worst fears come to life, all her actions, shirou, the other campione-fights with deities , it woke/brought down Aphrodite/Ishtar and considering what I seen from the first fate Campione cross over god slaying blade works as well as fate strange fake as well fate grand order both Aphrodite and Ishtar are going to be a handful to deal with.

Um not sure I should ask you this but how does Aphrodite look like? Like you mention how she basically recreated the birth of Venus when Athena found her but I don't know if she is looking the fate Ishtar or fate Aphrodite or something else? Like her appearance changes depending who's looking at her or something? Going to drive me crazy wondering about it.

Anyway first sentence of meeting each other is questioning the results of apple of discord?

...yeah can totally see those two doing that. Beyond that Paris should had thought harder when asked to pick a goddess.

Main body not in front of Athena...Artoria then? Then that raises what is Shirou heading to? If it's not Aphrodite then is it another god? Or is it summon creature? Can't be the bill of heaven, that's practically a nuke option.

Aphrodite came down...for a story? That's...not what I was expecting to be honest.

"A girl who dreams of what she already has, and even possesses the gall to envy what's clearly herself! Truly, novel." okay when Aphrodite puts it like that would certainly catch anyone eye on wanting to see what happens.

Huh that raises an unusual question is Aphrodite mad or not? Enkidu in FGO talked how god(dess) of love were mad in a sense and can curse of madness effect someone who in a sense was mad? Or maybe I'm looking way too deep into this.

And damn Aphrodite got Athena good there, not to mention lol. I shouldn't be laughing but I am and wanting to see what happens next.

Side note the Aphrodite in front of Athena was just an illusion meaning the transforming the shell into Maana was just to piss Athena off considering she could had dissolved said illusion but Aphrodite went the extra mile on making her illusion fly into the distance. Nice touch.

Anyway here's to the next update!
11/16/2022 c24 RoyalTwinFangs
Nice chapter here.
11/16/2022 c24 1RedNephilim
Ok yeah, Aphrodite is pretty funny
11/16/2022 c24 1R-king 93
Awesome chapter
11/16/2022 c24 Ariadne Venegas
If Arturia doesn’t go to chase heretic gods she will never be a real campione. And I think is needed… I wonder if she will take Aphrodite as her servant too?
11/16/2022 c24 negi83
To be honest, I expected Artoria to start drifting and Shirou would have to get Prydwen to save her.
11/16/2022 c24 Guest
Ohh shit! i wasnt expecting this but i like where things are going so far.
11/16/2022 c24 ReadingReaderLoveToRead
Nice! New chapter!
Anyways, can someone explain to me what Erica's plan is? Am I missing something? Moreover, that dialogue between Aphrodite and Athena lol.
11/16/2022 c24 Greyfox2
That ending was perfect! Is it just me, or does anyone else imagine Ishtar (Rin) flying off on Manna "Oh Ho Ho"-ing?
11/16/2022 c24 Dasgun
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